Friday, 22 August 2014


Introducing The Body shop's first eye primer that works to conceal under eye dark circles, neutralise redness on the eyelid and enhance the vibrancy of eye shadow colour. The Exclusive yellow tint works to neutralise the appearance of dark circles and redness on the eye lid and helps the eyes look less tired and more refreshed, neutralising yellow pigments to conceal blueness under eyes and redness on eyelids. Community Fair Trade marula oil and spherical powder delivers an extra-smoothing texture especially adapted for the sensitive skin around the eye area, giving an amazing blurring effect on your fine lines giving you a beautifully smooth, younger looking eye area. I really like this, it smoothes out and blurs my fine lines living a perfect base to apply my concealer and eye make up, my make up lasts a lot longer with this product meaning no creasing or smudging which is a definate bonus! The packaging is sleek and small enough to pop into your make up bag or handbag. The Body Shop have really been hitting the nail on the head recently from the new body collections to the new make up ranges.. Lot's to keep your eyes on.. Providing Beautiful eyeshadow & lipstick shades! 

Available in the UK from the 17th September for £10.00.

What's your favourite product from The Body Shop?


  1. I'm so glad there's a body shop right about the store I work at. I might have to try this!


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