Saturday, 26 September 2015

Ole Henriksen - 3 little wonders mini

This professional strength AM/PM regimen rapidly reverses all visible signs of aging skin. Each proprietary blend works in synergy to reveal your most youthful, healthy & radiant complexion. With nurturing textures and indulgent aromas, witness the transformation as you delight in the experience of treating your skin.
The gift set includes: 
truth serum collagen booster 9.76ml: the vitamin C rich serum boosts collagen production and restores radiance back to the complexion.
Invigorating Night Treatment 7g: the overnight resurfacing gel dramatically improves the texture of your skin, helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots and smooth fine lines and wrinkles.
sheer transformation 7g: an everyday oil-free moisturiser that works to improve the skin’s tone and texture whilst helping to reduce the appearance of dark spots.
This mini set is a great introduction to Ole's fantastic skincare products. I can't say enough about the invigorating night gel, It is great! I use it all over my face in the evening, to wake up with great results in the morning. If I have an outbreak I place a little on my finger and rub it on problem areas and by morning they are really on the way to being gone. This little set is also the PERFECT size for travel. As a bonus, you can refill each product, so you don't have to buy over and over once you're out. They're so cute and spillproof! Fitting wonderfully in my carry on bag and are great to apply to dry skin on a long haul flight or your skin care for a weekend away. I've used a couple of this brands products and am quickly becoming a huge fan.. The products are a little on the expensive side but once you try them you definitely know what you're paying for!... As they say "You only have one face" so good quality skincare is essential. Since using this set my skin feels so much softer and looks brighter, more youthful and rested... Which to me are fantastic results with a teething six month old baby!..
Available for £18.00 from

Have you tried any of the Ole Henriksen products, what's your favourite?

Tuesday, 22 September 2015

Charlotte Tilbury Film star Bronze and Glow dupe!?

The Charlotte Tilbury palette is on the top of everyone’s makeup must have list and is without a doubt a “cult contour” palette. With Filmstar Bronze & Glow you can slim, sculpt, shorten, trim and highlight your features. It’s amazing what clever shading and highlighting tricks can do to your facial framework. 
The bronzer is the perfect universal blend of pearl and pigment to contour features and mimic a sun-kissed complexion. The highlighter is built up from a golden base that flatters any skin tone, and uses light-reflecting technology to capture light, but at the slightly ridiculous price of £49, it is definitely not in everyones budget!
But this dupe I recently discovered by W7 honestly blew me away. It’s as good as the original – No kidding! Other than the packaging, the only slight difference is the highlight powder isn’t quite as shimmery but at £4.95 we won’t complain! What an amazing product, That's a massive saving of £45!!... 
What's the best dupe you've found? 

Sunday, 20 September 2015

How safe is your Make up?!

Are you aware that Deadly diseases might be lurking in your make-up bag, as killer germs are discovered in beauty products. Lab test revealed that LIFE-THREATENING bacteria, including a strain that CAUSES MENINGITIS!! has been found in cosmetics. Four out-of-date products and one still in date were tested by Scientists at London Metropolitan University.
A safety warning was issued after all five came back as containing unsafe levels of potentially LETHAL BACTERIA. The germs discovered can cause everything from horrific stomach bugs to life-threatening diseases. One of the bugs – enterococcus faecalis – is a main cause of meningitis, which kills more children under five than any other infectious disease in the UK.
The old makeup also tested positive for the presence of these other bacteria:
Eubacterium, which is linked to bacterial vaginosis.
Aeromonas, a bacteria found in gastroenteritis and wound infections.
Staphlyoccocus epidermidis, a bug that is resistant to antibiotics.
Propionibacterium, which can cause acne and other skin conditions.
Enterobacter, which can lead to urinary and respiratory tract infections.
As a mother of two young children.. One only six months old these claims terrified me and made me go through my Make up collection and throw over half of it away! Now when I'm watching Bloggers/Vloggers proudly showing their make up collection it makes me feel sick about what horrible bacterias are lurking in their drawers!.. I LOVE Make up and as you all probably do, I collected way too much for little old me and hardly used most of it.. But my Childrens safety totally outweighed my love of a Two year old Chanel blush! 
Pregnant women and Mums with young children need to be aware that their make up could carry deadly bacterias that are seriously dangerous to their children!...
How old is your Make up?

Friday, 18 September 2015

Ole Henriksen Invigorating Night Creme

I've used many of the Ole Henriksen products other than the Truth serum and the truth to go and the pore refining wipes which I think are really good, so when Escentual asked if I wanted to try this I immediately said yes! As I know his products are amazing.. 

This cream is an in-depth nourishing cream, it balances and brightens your skin while you sleep, infused with youth- enhancing ingredients to smooth the texture of your skin whilst fortifying the skin’s natural barrier, it will Re-texturise and renew your skin overnight, its an regenerative treatment for evening use only. Packed full of skin-renewing ingredients, this hydrator keeps your skin supple and soft with comforting Shea Butter, a healthy and rich emollient, while Vitamin C boosts collagen production.
At the heart of the formula is the Alpha Hydroxy Complex, super enriched with potent glycolic, lactic and fruit acids that deeply penetrate your epidermis to encourage cell renewal and reveal smoother skin. The Fruit Acid Complex, a concentrated cocktail of bilberry, sugar cane, sugar maple, orange and lemon lightly exfoliates your skin’s surface, breaking down the bonds of dead skill cells and boosting elasticity of the skin’s surface.
I have been using Ole Henriksen invigorating night creme* £47.00 every night for the past 3-4 weeks and love it so much.. It just melts into your skin leaving it feeling like silk.. In the morning it looks clear. And bright, feeling so soft and hydrated!.. I think this night cream is hydrating, firming and luscious! It has helped to literally transform my skin from dull with large pores, and sun damaged to youthful and radiant looking! It's like a little miracle in a pot.

This product as well as all of the Ole Henriksen products are available from Escentual.

What products do you recommend I try next by Ole Henriksen?

Thursday, 17 September 2015

Urban Decay Smoky Palette review

The new 'must have' Urban Decay Smoky Palette £38.00 has landed with nine never seen before shades and three palette exclusives! If you are a lover of neutrals and sexy smokey eyes this is the palette for you.. presented in a sturdy hard plastic case that features a unique "swirling smoke" print with a magnetic closure.

All the shades are perfectly pigmented, I also think the palette has a great mix of mattes, satins and shimmers to enable you create numerous looks from day time flirty smokey to a full on sex kitten smokey evening look! It also has a good mix or warm and cool tones so should suit almost every skin tone.. I found the wear time was really good, I wore all day and then went out for dinner without touching up and my eyes looked just as good at bedtime as when I'd applied in the morning.

The palette includes a dual-tipped brush has a tapered blending brush head on one end and a pencil brush head on the other - As well as a simple little step-by-step eye tutorials (Iconic UD Smoky Eye, Smoky Reality Star, Smoky Cat and Everyday Smoky) and a list of smokey eye tips.

The twelve shades within Urban Decay Naked Smoky Palette are:

- High - champagne shimmer w/micro-glitter.
- Dirtysweet - medium bronze.
- Radar - metallic taupe w/iridescent micro-glitter.
- Armor - metallic silver-taupe w/tonal sparkle.
- Slanted - light metallic grey.
- Dagger - medium charcoal w/micro-shimmer.
- Black Market - jet-black satin.
- Smolder - deep plum-taupe.
- Password - cool taupe matte.
- Whiskey - rich brown matte.
- Combust - soft pink-taupe.
- Thirteen - light beige satin.

A great addition to your make up collection to give you some gorgeous sexy smokey eye looks, where will the Naked collection go next? - Naked 5 palette?.. I for one can't wait to see what they bring out next!!..

What's your favourite Naked palette?

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Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Clarins Autumn 2015 Collection - Crayon kohl in True Violet

Introducing Clarins new Crayon kohl in True Violet £17.00, This liner is a gorgeous violet with delicate shimmer. You can use on the upper or lower lashline but you'll need to build up the colour to give a dramatic look, as It is a little dry and a little hard to apply, when dry. But it applies amazingly well on the waterline. As the moisture on your waterline makes the pencil apply with much more pigment. An essential for intensifying the eyes. Great to add a little colour into your Autumn/Winter look a little around the eye contour area, blended the natural hair brush, will make your eyes pop all day & night with this Long-wearing formula.

What colour will you be adding to your look this Autumn?

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