Saturday, 21 June 2014

Sunday Scents - Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

This week I bring you Marc Jacobs Eau so Fresh, I love this perfume from the pretty bottle to the gorgeous scent, perfect for all year round, light enough for spring/summer but musky enough for autumn/winter.. Daisy eau so fresh is a bright, floral, fruity fragrance. It radiates with a sunny and sparkling energy. Playful with a whimiscal spirit, this version of the original daisy scent radiates with crisp raspberry, sensuous wild rose, and deep and warm plum. Sophisticated but not too serious, daisy eau so fresh captures the vintage flavor of marc jacobs feminine, edgy designs.

Heart notes
Wild Rose, Violet, Apple Blossom

Top notes
Raspberry, Grapefruit, Pear

Base notes
Plum, Cedarwood, Musk

It's a beautiful, fresh scent.. I can smell parma violet sweets?! Just me :D I just love wearing this perfume for all occasions..Available from £24.50

What's your go to perfume? 

Friday, 20 June 2014

Kiko Sun Lovers Blush - Copacabana Coral

When I was in Sicily earlier this month for my Brother's wedding I discovered a Kiko store in the gorgeous town of Taormina and thought it would be rude to just walk past! I popped inside and picked up three great products.. Other reviews shortly! The new Brazil collection was available, as soon as I saw the blushes I knew I wouldn't be leaving the store without owning one!!..... after a good ten minutes of swatching and a very grumpy husband.. I settled on 02 Copacabana Coral a stunning multi-toned shimmer blush, as you can see from my photos it's Beautiful! Even the packaging is beautiful it's a golden keepsake with a very convenient mirror inside.

The light, comfortable texture helps sculpt the face and outline features with a radiant, even effect. Silky touch and long lasting performance. The blush is divided into two parts: one part has a single full colour while the other half encloses a different combination of shades. Thanks to special technology, one product combines two effects obtained by blending together or using separately. One single solution many different, original finishes. Has splendid touches of light that can be recreated on the skin with patterns and creativity. 

I've only tried a couple of products from this brand as there are no store near me and like all Beauty Bloggers I NEED to swatch before purchasing, so am not keen on buying make up blind from their website..It's a lovely brand, there products are a little dearer than high street priced at £14.90 but cheaper than High end, from the products I've tried they are great quality.

Have you tried Kiko?

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tanya Burr - Picnic in the Park

I'm not really a lip product person as I can be quite fussy, I hate strongly scented, sticky, gloopy products so tend to buy quality lip products or just pop on a nice tinted lip balm. I was asked to review this Tanya Burr Lipgloss by Beautystore 4u as they have just started to stock these and the nail polishes from the range, as most of the bloggers have been raving about them, I took Beautystore4u up on their kind offer!
Ok.. Back to the lip gloss.. I chose 'Picnic in the Park' a bright creamy pink shade in the tube .. When I opened the gloss the first thing that hit me was the's a sweet sort of fruity scent, not too offensive. Once applied I did notice it tasted slightly plastic-y but not too bad.. The colour payoff is quite sheer adding just a sheen to my lips rather than a block of colour, which I quite liked as I think it is good for wearing in the daytime, however I did find it to be a little sticky. The applicator is a doe-foot that moves and bends when you press on your lips making it feel rather strange.. After about 5 minutes I felt my lips tingling, I'm not sure if it's a plumping lip gloss or even if it's supposed to do this??.

Overall it's a nice cheap brand for teenagers or lip gloss lovers to snap up! The full range has 12 shades all lovely colours to suit most skin tones, available for £6.95 on

Have you tried this brand?

Sunday, 15 June 2014

Sunday Scent - Lacoste Touch of Pink

This week I bring you Lacoste - Touch of Pink- It is a fruity-floral that captures the essence of a woman full of youthful sensuality. A real classic for a woman who are young yet grown-up, classic yet modern, innocent yet knowing. Her femininity shines from within and her unique charm is as compelling as it is captivating. A beautiful fragrance for any age, fresh enough to wear during the day but sensual enough to carry you through the night, very pretty scent, not heavy or too strong.

The notes -
Heart notes
Jasmine, Violet, Carrot Seed Oil
Top notes 
Orange, Cardamom, Coriander 
Base notes 
Sandalwood, Musk, Vanilla

Available from £25.00 for 30ml.

What's your perfect scent?

Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday Scents - DKNY Woman Energising EDT

"My name is Jane and I'm a Scentoholic!"

I have had a very long love affair with perfume, I NEVER leave the house without a quick squirt of perfume.. I just love to smell nice!.. my collection is ridiculously large for just one person (I'm not boasting, just confessing!). I am always on the lookout for my signature scent.. So I decided to start a weekly post called 'Sunday Scents' each week I will review one of my perfumes, to hopefully help you?!
This week I am sharing with you DKNY Women Energising Eau de Toilette – the essence of the original fragrance, with a fresh exuberant twist. Lighter than the original, it feels like New York City on a sun-filled day. The top notes are a refreshing blend of citruses, chilled vodka and tomato leaves; the heart is a wet blend of water lilies, green coral orchids and yellow daffodils. And the sensual finish is a blend of white birch and tulip tree wool. It feels as modern and timeless as New York City itself.

A lovely fresh, clean, feminine fragrance that sticks around all day, it is such a pretty, delicate scent that packs a punch! Prices start from around £12.00 for 30ml.

I hope you liked this post, If you would like me to do a review on a certain fragrance then just leave me a comment or tweet me, if I don't already own it then I'll get a sample of it to review.

What's your signature scent? 

Saturday, 7 June 2014

Gosh Velvet Touch Lipstick in Shocking Coral 145

GOSH Velvet Touch Lipstick gives an intense and long-lasting colour to the lips due to a high concentration of colour pigments. The Lipstick contains vitamin-E which protects against free radicals and vegetable oils for extra care and protection of the lips.
• Intense and long-lasting colour
• Fantastic shiny look
• Extra care and protection of your lips
• Creamy consistency
• Easy to apply
This creamy lipstick contains light reflecting pigments which gives the lips a bright and shiny look. The colour pay-off is fantastic and it stays put on the lips for hours and hours. This shade id not for the faint hearter - if you aren't brave enough to wear full on bright lips or to tone it down for the daytime you can easily create a more softer, feminine day look by softly patting the product onto your lips and then smudging the product into the lips with your fingers. This makes the product look and behave more like a lip stain and lasts all day long. I did find this product to be a little bit drying, I would recommend using a moisturising lip balm before applying. I really enjoyed wearing this lipstick at night, creating a nice bold, bright lip. Bright lip colours are really trendy for this summer, I really love Coral - pastel or neon. This Shocking Coral colour is beautiful, perfect for spring/summer to brighten up your face giving a simple make up look a big Wow!!
Available from Superdrug for £6.49 currently on offer for buy one get one half price.
Do you prefer Pastel or Bright lips?

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Real Techniques Mini Brush Trio

I really like Real Techniques brushes, I think I own them all and a few of them I own Back ups! When I received this Trio, I had seen a press release and knew I wanted it but when it arrived, I was shocked as it is Teeny Tiny! But after opening them and trying them out I can confirm the quality is just as good as the full sized brushes.. They do say good things come in small packages! 

This Real Techniques mini brush trio* is your solution for a flawless look on the go, It contains a
mini foundation brush: use with liquid foundation or concealer to touch up throughout the day.
mini shading brush: transform your eye shadow on-the-go from day natural to night glam 
mini face brush: effortlessly apply powder, blush and bronzer as needed during the day.
mini pouch: keep your handbag spotless

I have photographed the trio next to an Essie polish to show you the actual size. They are perfect for travel and popping in your handbag, each brush can be used for mulitple tasks and with different products. I am sure Buying a back up as they take up no space!

I love these and am really impressed, I am hoping that the Pixi Sisters bring out a mini Eye set.. That would be PERFECT as I have a slight obsession with mini and Travel sized products! The price I think is a little high at £9.99 considering you can buy 3-5 full sized brushes for a few pounds more.. But travel sized products are always a little higher in price?

You can pick them up from Beauty Store 4U  for £9.95 with free UK Delivery!

What are your favourite travel brushes?