Thursday, 19 June 2014

Tanya Burr - Picnic in the Park

I'm not really a lip product person as I can be quite fussy, I hate strongly scented, sticky, gloopy products so tend to buy quality lip products or just pop on a nice tinted lip balm. I was asked to review this Tanya Burr Lipgloss by Beautystore 4u as they have just started to stock these and the nail polishes from the range, as most of the bloggers have been raving about them, I took Beautystore4u up on their kind offer!
Ok.. Back to the lip gloss.. I chose 'Picnic in the Park' a bright creamy pink shade in the tube .. When I opened the gloss the first thing that hit me was the's a sweet sort of fruity scent, not too offensive. Once applied I did notice it tasted slightly plastic-y but not too bad.. The colour payoff is quite sheer adding just a sheen to my lips rather than a block of colour, which I quite liked as I think it is good for wearing in the daytime, however I did find it to be a little sticky. The applicator is a doe-foot that moves and bends when you press on your lips making it feel rather strange.. After about 5 minutes I felt my lips tingling, I'm not sure if it's a plumping lip gloss or even if it's supposed to do this??.

Overall it's a nice cheap brand for teenagers or lip gloss lovers to snap up! The full range has 12 shades all lovely colours to suit most skin tones, available for £6.95 on

Have you tried this brand?


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    1. Not one I'd buy in the future, too sticky and plastic tasting for my liking :(


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