Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Stila Custom Blush - Self Adjusting Coral.

The first-ever pH-based powder that takes the guesswork out of picking the perfect shade. The weightless powder can be layered to achieve just the right amount of colour and coverage.

This perceptive, one-shade-fits-all powder blush* reacts to skintone and individual pH to create a perfect, personalized shade. Ultra-blendable, with a velvety-soft finish, this clever powder smoothes the appearance of fine lines, leaving the skin with a natural glow and a luminous, flawless flush.

The Coral is super bright and very pigmented. I do like it, but you need to be careful not to use too much. I just lightly tap my brush in the pan once or twice and that is enough product, Otherwise you'll look like Coco the Clown, It gives a great long lasting colour perfect for a day in the office or a night out.

The colour feels very unique and a quick look through my stash showed that I didn’t really own anything like it even though I imagine you’ll be wondering if it compares to popular shades like Coralista, Orgasm, etc…I can safely say none of these colours are a match and the colour proves a 
difficult one to dupe as it adjusts to your face so looks different on everyone.

It does have a shimmer through it similar to Orgasm, but the colour once on the skin is different & the similarity ends. I will definatley be looking at the other colours in this rang as I was really impressed with the pigment this one gives.
You can pick this up for £13.00 from

Have you tried any self adjusting products?

Monday, 29 July 2013

GLAMGLOW Eye Bright Mud Treatment

GLAMGLOW Eye Mud is a 3 minute instant eye treatment. The world's first tap-on-wipe-off eye product designed to work for Hollywood actors in just a few minutes, just before going in front of a camera on-set.

 This treatment also promises to target Dark Circles, Puffiness,Tired Eyes, Fine Lines, Whilst Hydrating, Brightening, Plumping. I definitely noticed a decrease in the appearance of my Fine lines, Puffiness & Dark circles around my under eye area as well as a feeling of plumping & hydration, when it was removed.  It undoubtedly brightened up my under eye area & refreshed them making my eyes look like I'd just slept for 12hrs!. I think if used as a weekly or bi-weekly treatment you would definitely notice a major difference in your under eye area. 
The mask was extremely easy to apply & remove, however it took a little of my makeup off with it, which it does claim not to do. The mask itself was very comfortable to apply & wear, it didn't feel sticky or gritty, The little green bits are peppermint, which effectively cool the eye area and left a refreshing sensation on my skin. This sensation faded shortly after the mask was removed.

For best results - follow these simple steps:
  • Use one dual ChromeCell™ per use
  • Tap an even layer from the inner corner out, to deliver the range of advanced active ingredients into the skin, then after 3 minutes...
  • Close eyes and Wipe-Off with a soft dry tissue, using a clean part for each wipe. Leaving a micro layer of actives for extended results, revealing Super Bright Amazing Eyes!

  • For an extra bit of Zing, Keep in the fridge - great for waking you up in the morning!
  • Apply to one eye first, to instantly see the difference.
I really like the idea of these little pods as they are perfect for travel & are hygienic as you use once then throw away instead of reusing like a tub of cream. I think the price is quite reasonable as you get 12 pods for £44.99 which works out at around £3.70 a treatment.

What's your favourite Eye Treatment/Cream?


Sunday, 28 July 2013

Mary Kay 50th Anniversary Special Edition

In honour of Mary Kay’s 50th Anniversary, you can join Mary Kay and change the lives of women and children worldwide. In the UK and Ireland, from 16 July Through to 15 October, 2013, £1 will be donated from each sale of limited-editionBeauty That Counts® Mary Kay® NouriShine Plus™ Lip Gloss in 'Celebrate'. Your donations are giving victims of domestic violence a chance to heal, cancer sufferers hope for tomorrow and orphaned children a reason to smile.

I've not heard too much about this brand, but the products I have tried have been very impressive here I have a the special-edition  Beauty That Counts® Mary Kay®NouriShine Plus® Lip Gloss*in the shade 'Celebrate', paying tribute to Mary Kay’s 50th Anniversary as the lip gloss that gives back. 
  • Shimmery peachy-pink shade looks great on everyone.
  • Loaded with good-for-your-lips ingredients such as vitamin E.
  • Smooths, protects and conditions lips.

The Lipgloss smells, looks & once applied feels Great, lovely & smooth non sticky, The colours are really pretty, really flattering shades that would suit all Skin tones. The product itself looks stunning with it's baby pink & Shimmering gold shade swirling round the tube.

If you would like to check out this brand you can do by going to

Have you tried Mary Kay? 

Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal

This Product has very quickly become a firm favourite in my Make up bag, it is absolutely stunning! it's a sheer, crème-liquid that perfects skin with ultra-fine light-reflecting pearls for a soft natural glow. It just makes your face come alive & adds extra oomph to your skin, perfect during the day adding a subtle glow or on a night out for a gorgeous Highlight.

It's Subtle luminosity – the formula features ultra-fine light-reflecting pearls that melt into your skin for a polished, natural-looking radiance. Water-light and sheer, it has a prismatic effect that allows it to adjust in any light so your refined glow is never lost. The Ultra-fine, naturally derived mica particles reflect light. It also contains Antioxidants A, B, D, E to guard against daily damage caused by free radicals and soothing anti-inflammatory ingredients. You can use on the face or body, with four different shades to complement all skin tones.

I got the Becca shimmering skin Perfector* in Opal as I think the Peachy/Champagne shade really complements my Colouring, It looks stunning & I've had several comments over the Weekend asking what I was wearing. You can really sheer it out to wear throughout the day, I wear it just on my cheekbones, under my Eye brows & a tiny bit on my cupid's bow. But you can use it in many ways including mixing with your moisturiser or Foundation to add a gorgeous glow to your entire face for the 'lit from within' look.

I really cannot praise this product enough, it really is stunning and at £33.00 for 50ml, you only need the smallest amount to create a beautiful highlight, so should last you a while.
If you want to try it out you can pick it up from SpaceNK for the UK & the Becca Website for Overseas.

What's your favourite Highlighter?

Thursday, 25 July 2013

Yves Rocher Nutri-Repair - Silicone free

Is your hair very dry and/or frizzy? Recover the natural beauty of your hair thanks to this products enriched with organic, nourishing jojoba. It smooths, nourishes and repairs the hair fibre. Your hair is stronger, more supple, more shiny and feels really soft. Beautiful Oil, shampoo, Conditioner by Yves Rocher!

The Repair Pre Shampoo Oil is rich with restorative babassu oil and macadamia oil to nourish the scalp. I use on the whole length of my hair and left as suggested for 10 minutes on dry hair. This oil mix rivals others on the market such as Morroccan oil but at £10.90 it is a fraction of the price. 

The repair shampoo is really nice, it is very moisturising but doesn't strip hair, Is Silicone free and it's a great size for the price. If you are a fan of Tresemme Naturals shampoo then this is a great alternative to that, I actually found it more moisturising. 

The Repair conditioner is rich with Jojoba oil and is very concentrated, this conditioner goes a long way so not much is needed for my length of hair, however those with longer hair will need more product, I found the 150ml tube on the small size it would be great if it came in the same size as the shampoo. That being said it's a nice rinse out conditioner and again the price is great! The Repair conditioner is 99% naturally derived and also Silicone free. 

I had heard some mixed stories about silicone free hair care so was a little unsure about using these for the first time, but now that I've been using these products over the past month, I must say I'm impressed, it's a nice line with good ingredients & a lovely scent for a very good price. The website has a lot of products from Make Up to Skin Care. It is worth checking out, they also offer fantastic deals every week.

What are your Thoughts on Silicone free Hair Care? 

Monday, 22 July 2013

Novexpert - The Instant Lift Serum

The Instant Lifting Serum is not only for anti-ageing but also helps dry, thinning or tired skin. It targets expression wrinkles as well as loose skin with the use of raspberry and apple complex along with acacia extract, baobab pulp, hyaluronic acid and 100% vegetable complex containing malic and citric acid, vitamin C and quercetin. The baobab pulp and acacia extract helps with horizontal lifting, which tightens the skin in less than five minutes and for several hours. Vertical lifting is achieved with the pure hyaluronic acid by absorbing extra cellular water and the hyaluronic acid puffs up and fills in wrinkles by pushing from the bottom upwards. And finally, thanks to the 100% vegetable complex containing malic and citric acid, vitamin C and quercetin, micro-exfoliation provides a radiant completion in less than two weeks.

The first thing I noticed about this serum is the scent, coconuts!! I apply this serum just after cleansing, its really lovely to use, and drys quite quickly leaving skin ready for moisturiser. 
I’ve been loving this serum, once applied to my skin, it has a really silky texture instantly my skin felt super smooth and tightened but not uncomfortably after just a few minutes, throughout the day my skin remains feeling great, looking really dewy and fresh, whilst minimising my fine lines!

I've tried two Products from this brand now and have been very impressed with both of them.
It is available for £34.00 for 30ml.

Do you use a serum or moisturiser, or Both Together?

Friday, 19 July 2013

New Hair from Wonderland Wigs

Do you want new longer hair in an instant? Have you tried a Wig or hair piece? 
I hate my hair, it is fine, dry & hardly grows I've tried everything to help it, But as I am going to a wedding in August, I have been racking my brains as to what to do with my hair.. Then Wonderland Wigs contacted me & asked if I would like to try one of their wigs or hair pieces! I instantly accepted & I looked on their site & my prayers had been answered!! I decided on Beauty Works Sleek Wrap around ponytail in Boho #18/22 as I thought I could use this as a ponytail or wear it in a big messy bun...
(Simple instructions below)

After I ordered it, I started to worry I wouldn't be able to put it in & thought I should of just got a Bun or a fishtail plait, but once it arrived, in perfect condition accompanied by a yummy lolly & simple Instructions! I took it out of the box & within 60 seconds I had a ponytail swishing behind me, It was a new experience as my hair has never been past my shoulders, It was so simple to put in place..

This would be perfect for daily use or to save for special occasions, it is no heavier than natural hair & can transform your looks & confidence in minutes, I love it & have no idea what stopped me buying a hair piece before now? I have hair extensions but rarely use them as they are very time consuming to put in & faff with until the seams etc are hidden, maybe I should dig them out & practice a bit more?!

The colour selection is Great, with Blonde, Brunette, Red, Black etc. If you want to transform your look check out Wonderland Wigs full range on their Website they have lot's of great pieces at great prices to suit everyone's budgets.

What's your favourite hair piece?

Thursday, 18 July 2013

The BEST Summer Foundation!

Shiseido's Sun Protection Liquid foundation SPF 30 - SP40 is broad-spectrum to protect against the harmful rays of the sun. The just applied looking matte finish is non-transferring which is resistant against perspiration, water and oil.

It has a slighty runny texture similar to Chanel Vita Lumiere Aqua but this resists perspiration, water, and oil to maintain a soft matte look on skin, even during outdoor activities. The best way to apply is with the sponge provided (Damp). It Glides on smoothly and evenly; feels non-sticky and feather-light. Transfer-resistant. Remains fresh and colour-true for hours.

I wear this foundation when the weather is hot, especially when I am abroad, you can actually swim with it on your face & it says put even withstand a few splashes! (But if you do don't orget the waterproof mascara too!). It has also never broken me out in all the time I have been wearing it.

The colour range in the UK is quite limited, I find them quite light, but once applied with the sponge the foundation evens out & can suit many skin tones, I will always have this in my collection, I wore it this past Weekend in London with the temperatures nearing 33*c & I thought my make up would just slide off my face but by the evening it was still going strong!

It is available from many websites & costs around £28.00 for 30ml, which I don't think is too expensive for a high end foundation?!

What's your favourite Summer Foundation?

Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Clarins Eye Quartet Mineral Palette - 03 Rosewood

This Clarins Eye Quartet in 03 Rosewood is part of a luxurious collection of six wet and dry formula eye shadow quartets.

This collection of six wet and dry formula eye shadow quartets contains four toning shades of satin and iridescent long lasting, super silky and blendable pressed mineral powder eye colour. The Clarins Eye Quartet in 03 Rosewood* is presented in a Clarins signature pale gold compact with mirror and two quality foam tipped applicators; one for defining the eye and one for shading and blending.

This Palette is perfect for a day to evening look as the darker brown can create an easy smokey eye look, the colours in this Palette really suit my Blue eyes, but I'm guessing it would be flattering for all coloured eyes as they are fairly natural shades.

There are six Palettes to choose from available on the Clarins website at £31.00, Perfect for travel & your Hand bag.

What's your Favourite eye palette?

Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Nuxellence Jeunesse

Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse is suitable for all ages, it is meant to recharge your cells helping to restore radiance and vitality alongside that all important anti-ageing effect by repairing the mitochondrial DNA, active ingredients include Passion flower, Anchusa and Poppy Petals and it can be used morning and/or evening, alone for normal – combination skin or before moisturisers for dry / very dry skin.

Its a slightly pinkish “second-skin” texture, very lightweight which leaves the skin infinitely soft and velvety. Its fragrance is light and feminine with soft floral notes. It leaves my skin bright, smooth & more youthful.

In the short time I have been using Nuxellence Jeunesse*, I have notice a change in my skin & am really impressed with it, it’s becoming more supple, and I would say it looks more radiant, it also makes for an amazing base for your makeup. 

It is available for £46.00 for 50ml, but if you buy direct from the Nuxe website you'll get 20% off & Free Delivery using code 'VIPNUXE'.

What's your Favourite Nuxe Product?

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Zoggs Swimwear

Are you looking for Perfect Swimwear to Flatter your shape?
A little information about the Company - Born in Australia, the home of swimming, and with roots still firmly embedded here, Zoggs is now swimming around the world. An innovative range of market leading swimming goggles remain at the heart of the Zoggs brand and they have remained focused on that heritage as they have grown into a full service swim brand. Zoggs care deeply about what they are doing, for them it is more than just designing highly innovative,quality swimming accessories and swimwear.

They have lot's of great Products for Women, Men & Children for Swimming in your local baths to taking away on Holiday.

The size range for Women is 8-18, offering Affordable women's Swimwear from Zoggs, They have lot's of lovely styles & designs from Costumes, tankini's, Bikini's & Swim Dresses to complement any shape.

If you want to check out everything they have to offer, their website is Here, They have some great sale items at the moment too!

*sponsored post.

Maybelline Baby Lips come to the UK...

Finally!....... The six sweet, but still grown-up enough, flavoured balms Hydrate, Mint Fresh, Intense Care, Pink Punch, Cherry Me and Peach Kiss. As well as the clear, there's also a pink tint, red wash and nude flush.

They promise to change your lips in a week.small but powerful stick of balm does just that. With a blend of shea butter, vitamins, centella (to plump) and SPF 20 (in three out of the six). 
"Hydration is the most important benefit, as lips won't look or feel good unless they're nourished. Baby Lips delivers moisture that's not greasy so it's comfortable to wear, with the added bonus of SPF20 in three of the shades, to avoid damage," explains Sharon Dowsett, top international make-up artist and Maybelline New York's UK make-up director.
They will be available early August 2013 for £2.99!.... 
I will be first in the queue to try these little Beauties! Will You?

Friday, 12 July 2013

Clarins lip Perfector in rosewood

This gorgeous lip gel has a juicy flavour for your enjoyment as the product works to nourish, repair and protect your lips for an incredible day-time or evening kissable look.

Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector* - 06 Rosewood Shimmer melts into your lips making them appear smoothed and glossy, with a three dimensional shimmer. It is a lovely colour very sheer & adds just enough to finish your look.

I am loving using this at the moment as it is moisturising & totally none sticky, which I love & look for in a Lip product, I think there are 5 Shades which all look lovely & might have to pick a few of them up!

The swatch looks a little more orange than the actual product, It's more of a nude shade with shimmer,  perfect for a bronzed look for the beach or a glam night out.
You can pick them up from most Clarins counters or online for around £17.00.

Do you prefer Lipstick or Lip Gloss?

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil and Milk Veil

L'Occitane Almond Shower Oil and Milk Veil. Featuring a rich, fragrant duo, for use before and during bathing to leave skin beautifully scented, soft and more radiant looking. Almond is said to have a firming and elastic properties and L’occitane has created a natural body care line out of this ingredient, sourced from South of France.

In the Duo you get

1 x Almond Shower Oil (250ml) - enriched with almond oil, this oil transforms into a lavish foam when in contact with water, and will leave skin feeling satiny soft with a subtle, fresh almond fragrance. It is the ultimate shower indulgence. It smells heavenly and feels heavenly on my skin. It will be a very sad day when I finally squeeze the last drop of this oil onto my hand. It moisturisers my whole body & I can really see a difference in my skin as I no longer get dry patches on my arms or legs. I also use this to shave my legs for extra oomph! 

1 x Almond Milk Veil (250ml) - formulated with almond oil and milk, it also contains micro-pearls to help soften and smooth skin leaving it radiant and deliciously perfumed. It has the same creamy and delicious scent as the shower oil and the lotion is so light but luxurious at the same time, it melts right into the skin, making it feel smooth and silky. It is said to have micro-pearl which could make skin look luminous. I can't wait to get out of the shower as the minute I do I massage this lotion into my whole body, My skin drinks it up & leaves it feeling amazing all day.

I think I have found my holy grail of bathing products. I have used many, many bath/shower products over the years and nothing has come close to how wonderful these are. I am excited to share my favourite products as this combination has made a real difference to my skin and is so utterly pleasurable to use. Almond is known for its softening, firming and toning properties.

The Duo* is from QVC & costs £39, which is a fantastic price from such quality Products, the oil lasts for ages as it goes a very long way!

If you want to check out this Amazing Duo or get yourself some Bargain Beauty Products at QVC,

What's your favourite shower combo?

Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Ambiance Volumising Natural Dry Shampoo - Blonde

I have been using Ambiance volumising Natural Dry Shampoo - Blonde For just over 3 weeks & am really impressed, when I think of a dry shampoo I instantly think of an aerosol but this has a special applicator brush that was designed to deliver powder directly to the scalp for maximum effectiveness. In addition to cleansing and refreshing, Ambiance's 100% natural, colour tinted powder is the perfect solution for anyone who wants to cover roots between hair colourings, or conceal areas of the scalp where hair is thinning. The effect it gives is very natural as the powder is coloured it made my roots look darker & has allowed me to go a little longer before I have to visit the Hairdressers for a colour.

Ambiance Volumizing Natural Dry Shampoo - Blonde With Refill is safe and gentle enough to be used every day, and fits easily into purses for touch ups whenever you want! It has been a god send in the hot days, It Lifts roots to add body and fullness to hair. Cleans hair and absorbs excess oil, leaving my hair looking, feeling and smelling freshly shampooed. The tinted powder blends with hair colour;it doesn't leave a white residue unlike Cough * Bastiste * cough, which can cause hair to look grey. Unlike other dry shampoos, Ambiance Volumizing Natural Dry Shampoo contains no alcohol, is nonflammable and will not damage or dry out hair. Perfect for all hair types. Refillable, high quality applicator brush.

I have been really impressed with it & it seems to be lasting forever! You only use a little as you rub directly into your scalp & roots so don't waste any.
It is available to buy in Blonde, Brunette, Black, Red & Grey, it costs £14.99 for 14g & a refill.

Are you a fan of dry shampoo?

Monday, 8 July 2013

Real Techniques- Miracle complexion sponge

Have you heard the news?........... Real Techniques has unveiled its new innovative sponge. 

The miracle complexion sponge features three distinct surfaces that give different ways to apply liquid foundation. 
Rounded sides blend large areas of the face.
A precision tip covers blemishes and imperfections.
A flat edge aids coverage for the contours around the eyes and nose. 
I have high hopes for this as I love my Beauty Blender but at £20.00 a pop they are an expensive love to have! RT Brushes are my absolute favourite brushes to use to apply my daily make up & I own nearly everyone.
The new sponge will be available at select Boots and Superdrug stores nationwide from September priced at £4.99.
Will you be rushing out to buy one?

*image taken from Google

Sunday, 7 July 2013

NOTD Models Own Bubblegum

Today I am wearing a gorgeous bright almost neon pink as the sun is shing & the BBQ is Sizzling, I'm turning a nice shade of pink! Does'nt the Sun make you Happy!
I love it, everything seems so much happier & brighter.

If you like your brights then this should definately be in your collection, looks stunning on both fingers & toes. Great value at £5.00 a pop! At the moment Models own have a buy 5 for £20 offer on!

I hope you are enjoying the Sun as much as me! Lot's of quality family time :) 

What's your go to Summer colour?

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Elemis Skin Nourishing Body Scrub

This luxurious creamy body scrub contains natural exfoliators of rice, bamboo and bora bora sand to gently polish the skin, whilst sweet almond, macadamia, and wheat germ oils nourish and condition. An exquisite milk protein base rich in vitamins is combined with organic oat extract to help leave skin feeling soft, supple and velvety smooth.

This made my skin super soft & moisturised, It is such a great product, perfect for you Ladies (& Gents) who self tan as this will leave your skin super smooth ready or applying your favourite tan. It
Gently polishes: A blend of small natural exfoliators - rice, bora bora sand, bamboo, apricot and cherry powder give maximum results and a gentle polishing action, without being too aggressive.
Balances: Rich in concentrated milk protein this creamy body scrub helps balance the acid mantle.
Nourishes: Formulated with a blend of sweet almond, macadamia and wheat germ oil to soften and nourish excessively dry skin.
It is also great to use before waxing or shaving to remove dead skin & Ingrown hairs - Urgh! 

The tube is a gorgeous vibrant metallic blue & will brighten up anyone's bathroom, the scent is very subtle, spa like & creamy smelling, luxury in a tube!
The scrub is is also free of Parabens, SLS, SLES, DEA, Mineral Oils, Artificial Colours & Silicones making it a great product to rub allover your body! 
It is available now at £28.50 for 200ml.

What's your favourite exfoliator?

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Color Club Wanderlust Collection

I was first introduced to color club's Wanderlust when I received the Mod in Manattan & London Calling in my Birch box, but As I love bright neon coral colours, I knew I had to have Reign in Spain in my life. As soon as I got my June box I order this set using my Birch Box reward points, so with the free P&P on all brands in the June box, I managed to get this little beauty total free! I know this is going to be the most used polishes in my collection over the next few months. 

Inspired by Birch box' global offices in four of the world’s classic cities, this bold collection of mini polishes – created exclusively for Birchbox – features summer's hottest hues. London Calling, a sunny mint green, inspired by the city’s myriad green spaces. The fiery coral of Reign in Spain evokes summer days under the Mediterranean sun, Pardon My French’slavender shade is inspired by the candy-coloured macarons in the iconic bakeries of Paris. Finally, there’s Mod in Manhattan, a brilliant off-white that represents the glow of the mega-watt city at night.
If you want to get your hands on them, they are sold exclusively on for £10.00.

Do you know of any Creamy, bright Coral nail polishes that I could add to my Collection?