Monday, 1 July 2013

Paul's Hair World - Hair Extensions.

I think the first time I went to Paul's Hair World was when I was fifteen?!, Me & a group of Friends always went down Manchester on a Saturday day & One Day whilst walking around Piccadilly we stumbled upon the shop.... It was the first time I'd been in a shop like that, there was Hair Everywhere!! We spoke to the staff & got lot's of advice, had lot's of Fun trying different pieces, I wanted it all!
We all vowed to go back the following week with our 'Spends' & purchase some extensions or a Hair Piece, I think we all bought pony tails to wear with our back combed, hair sprayed quiff fringes! - Ha,ha Give me a break it was the 90's....

The shop is great you can buy great looking hair extensions/Wigs/pieces in every budget, shape & colour... I always get mine from there the quality is Great!

Now I'm *Older* Wiser I buy the European hair As it blends more naturally with my own hair & gives a much better finish the prices start from £6.79 and come in loads of Great shades.
Due to having Fine hair I like to give my hair a little help to look thicker & fuller, the good things with these as they can be washed & styled like your own hair.

If you live in or around Manchester nip in & have a look around or if not don't worry as they are now online at Paul's Hair World  so you can get them delivered to your door!

Are you a fan of hair Extension's?

*All images taken from website.
*Sponsored post, All words are my own.

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