Sunday, 8 June 2014

Sunday Scents - DKNY Woman Energising EDT

"My name is Jane and I'm a Scentoholic!"

I have had a very long love affair with perfume, I NEVER leave the house without a quick squirt of perfume.. I just love to smell nice!.. my collection is ridiculously large for just one person (I'm not boasting, just confessing!). I am always on the lookout for my signature scent.. So I decided to start a weekly post called 'Sunday Scents' each week I will review one of my perfumes, to hopefully help you?!
This week I am sharing with you DKNY Women Energising Eau de Toilette – the essence of the original fragrance, with a fresh exuberant twist. Lighter than the original, it feels like New York City on a sun-filled day. The top notes are a refreshing blend of citruses, chilled vodka and tomato leaves; the heart is a wet blend of water lilies, green coral orchids and yellow daffodils. And the sensual finish is a blend of white birch and tulip tree wool. It feels as modern and timeless as New York City itself.

A lovely fresh, clean, feminine fragrance that sticks around all day, it is such a pretty, delicate scent that packs a punch! Prices start from around £12.00 for 30ml.

I hope you liked this post, If you would like me to do a review on a certain fragrance then just leave me a comment or tweet me, if I don't already own it then I'll get a sample of it to review.

What's your signature scent? 

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