Friday, 20 June 2014

Kiko Sun Lovers Blush - Copacabana Coral

When I was in Sicily earlier this month for my Brother's wedding I discovered a Kiko store in the gorgeous town of Taormina and thought it would be rude to just walk past! I popped inside and picked up three great products.. Other reviews shortly! The new Brazil collection was available, as soon as I saw the blushes I knew I wouldn't be leaving the store without owning one!!..... after a good ten minutes of swatching and a very grumpy husband.. I settled on 02 Copacabana Coral a stunning multi-toned shimmer blush, as you can see from my photos it's Beautiful! Even the packaging is beautiful it's a golden keepsake with a very convenient mirror inside.

The light, comfortable texture helps sculpt the face and outline features with a radiant, even effect. Silky touch and long lasting performance. The blush is divided into two parts: one part has a single full colour while the other half encloses a different combination of shades. Thanks to special technology, one product combines two effects obtained by blending together or using separately. One single solution many different, original finishes. Has splendid touches of light that can be recreated on the skin with patterns and creativity. 

I've only tried a couple of products from this brand as there are no store near me and like all Beauty Bloggers I NEED to swatch before purchasing, so am not keen on buying make up blind from their website..It's a lovely brand, there products are a little dearer than high street priced at £14.90 but cheaper than High end, from the products I've tried they are great quality.

Have you tried Kiko?

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