Saturday, 29 November 2014

Christmas Gift Ideas - Dainty Necklaces.

I am obsessed with Sterling silver dainty necklaces, They just look so pretty! Understated jewellery at it's best.. There are loads of Amazing hand crafted jewellery on Etsy and I have found myself on the site for hours, going from seller to seller.. I have asked Father Christmas for the Moon & Stars necklace as I think it is beautiful.. They are perfect gifts for Friends, Mums, Sisters, girlfriends, wives etc and are pretty inexpensive - bonus! I'm on the lookout for a floating diamond (or CZ) necklace but not found the one, just yet! Let's hope I have one or two under my Christmas tree this year! 

Can you recommend a good place to buy this sort of jewellery from?

*All images are taken from Google.

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