Friday, 2 October 2015

New personalised phone case

I'm always on the lookout for a new phone case but haven't found one I love until now! I was contacted by Mr Nutcase offering me a chance to review one of their personalised phone case's -  The site was so easy to use, I chose the Full Wrap Around Premium Edition at £19.95, then uploaded my chosen photo's, checked out and 2 days later my gorgeous phone case arrived, I can honestly say I am so so happy with it.. Of course the photo's are gorgeous as they are of my children and favouite quotes.. But the case itself is really good quality, it feels really sturdy and the print is really clear, I would definitely be happy if I'd paid and will order from this site in the future, my Mum was at my house when the case arrived and she was extremely jealous.. So I'm planning on getting her one for Christmas! I love that you can personalise them with whatever you want - wedding, holiday, family snaps or just your favorite quotes!.. Mr Nutcase also do pernalised tablet/laptop cases, mugs, and for all us beauty lovers a mirror! Go and have a look at the site to see how it all works, they also offer free worldwide shipping which is even better as I am such a scrouge when it comes to paying postage! :) 

What would you personalise? 

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