Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Christmas Activities!..

When I was little I always got at least one board game for Christmas and loved playing them especially over Christmas, with my Parents, Brother, Cousins and friends.. I decided to carry this tradition on for my Children, my eldest Daughter is seven years old and she loves spending time playing board games.. Don't get me wrong she also loves her iPad, TV, DVD's and game consoles as much as the next child growing up these days.. But I think it's important families spend quality time together without modern technology getting in the way!...

This year I will be giving her Skribble Head - The fast guessing, draw on your own head game! Can you draw an elephant on your own head in just 15 seconds when you can't see what you're doing? How about a smiley face, a zebra crossing or a bunch of grapes? This fun-packed, hilarious, fast-paced game provides hours of entertainment for the whole family and makes a hilarious after dinner game! All players have to do is guess what is being drawn, correct guesses win chips and the player with most chips wins the game! This is a great family game that draws on creative skills whilst being a lot of fun for everyone! The game is best played with three or more players; and is ideal for those over the age of 8 years, priced around £14.95.
My Daughter has such an inquisitive mind and is constantly asking questions and telling me facts she's learnt at school, so thought this would be perfect - Kids Trivia Plus 3rd Edition - A tin stuffed with trivia, Puzzles, riddles, the world around you and things they don't teach you at school - Hours of fun for children with this attractive tin filled with 300 colourful cards with trivia questions, fascinating facts and actions. A tin full of fun to keep the kids entertained! Age: 7+ Kids Trivia Plus is the fun trivia game created especially for children, priced around £9.95..I know she will enjoys hours of fun playing these games and will keep us occupied on Christmas day and stop us watching all the repeats that are usually on TV..
I also decided to pick this activity for my Nephew who is Three and totally OBSESSED with Thomas & Friends... He also enjoys scribbling on walls.. So when I saw this I knew it was George in a box! Thomas & Friends Activity Tablecloth - Young fans of Thomas the Tank Engine will love this fantastic Activity Tablecloth. The huge double-sided pre-printed tablecloth is full of illustrations to colour as well as lots of activities such as mazes, word finds and dot-to-dots to help to keep children entertained. This giant tablecloth comes with 5 washable markers and is fully washable so it can be used time and time again, it is suitable for ages 3 and over, priced around £15.00

What Games will your Family be playing this year?

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