Thursday, 17 October 2013

Spoiler - What's in my BirchBox October 2013

I have just received my October box & am SO impressed with this months's box I had to share so YOU don't miss out! If you would like to order this month's box click HERE before it sells out!
Some Beauty boxes have taken a massive nose dive recently & I have noticed people slating a certain Beauty box that I personally unsubscribed from at the start of this Year as I thought their Boxes were very unfair & each month there seemed to be a good & a bad box which I think is out of order as everyone pays the same...... Anyway back to the good stuff!! 

In my Box I received..

Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser - Every box will have a product from this brand in it! - is a sheer, lightweight formula that moisturises the skin while adding a smooth, healthy glow to your complexion leaving a natural, dewy finish. Providing SPF 20 protection from the harmful, damaging rays of the sun, Tinted Moisturiser features an antioxidant vitamin complex that acts a free radical scavenger to protect the skin from even the most aggressive effects of the environment. Perfect for all skin types, Tinted Moisturiser is extremely long-wearing and remains colour true. 

Akane Mask Cocoon NocturneThe Cocoon night mask Akane helps our skin to regain lost brightness and freshness to the daily grind. A stressed skin requires an extra dose of hydration, this mask is the contribution while erases signs of fatigue overnight.

Dr. Lipp Nipple Balm for LipsThis is a 100% natural S.O.S. multipurpose balm for lips, dry, sensitive skin, eczema, dry cuticles, burns and abrasions, sore nipples and even baby's bottoms! 

theBalm Cosmetics Stainiac - The tinted gel leaves a lasting stain on lips and cheeks. Since it’s water-based, it has a longer setting time than most quick-dry stains, which means it won’t leave any unsightly streaks behind as long as you take care to blend well. 

Kms California Curl Up Foam Mousse - Enhances wave formation. Soft, frizz-free finish. Provides heat protection.

 Lifestyle Extra - Ultra Dex - UltraDex Low-Abrasion Toothpaste is clinically proven to whiten teeth within 14 days by gently oxidising organic stains to reveal the true brightness of your teeth. 

Beauty Extra - Egyptian Magic - Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream is an all-natural, multi-purpose skin care balm. Made from 6 of nature’s most powerful ingredients, Egyptian Magic has built up a cult following among celebrities, the fashion world and even doctors! You only need to read the reviews on to get an idea of the number of uses for this skin cream; we’ve heard of it being used as a remedy for psoriasis and eczema, to moisturise dry skin, to reduce stretch marks, as a cleanser and eye makeup remover and even as an after shave cream. It can also be used as a rich hair conditioning treatment!

I love everything in my box & am very excited to try it all out! Birch box just seem to get better & better every month, which makes the whole experience enjoyable as the thrill of opening a surprise box and actually getting so much for just £10.00 a month. If you aren't aware Birch Box also have a reward scheme where you get points for subscribing & filling in questionnaire about your box. The points add up really quickly once you get 100 points it turns into £10.00 that you can spend in their online shop... Last month I had just over 300 points so converted it into £30.00 and bought theBalm Hot Mama Blush, the LAQA Lip pencil Duo & Marvis toothpaste for free! This month I've just ordered theBalm Nude Tude Palette for £6.00!! by converting 200 points into £20.00 then adding £6.00 cash...

Do you subscribe to Birch Box?


  1. This box looks amazing! I used to be subscribed to Glossybox but I've not had any beauty box for maybe almost a year...maybe this months Birchbox has convinced me to start again!

    1. Birch box have been great & just seem to get better each month! I have HIGH hopes for the Xmas box! If you do decide to resubbed please use my referral code above xx

  2. This Birchbox is amazing really thinking of subsribing again after seeing this post! xx

    1. It is a good one! They just keep getting better xx


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