Saturday, 26 October 2013

Lauren's Way Instant Wash Off Glow

The LW Medium range is fab for fair skin and first-time tanners! Medium gives a professional sun-kissed colour in just one application! For an instant fix of beautiful tan try LW TAN Instant Wash Off Glow. 

This hydrating tinted lotion provides a natural looking tan on the go, perfect for last minute parties! As a no fuss, no commitment product, Instant Wash Off Glow is so easy to remove - simply wash off with soap and water.

I really didn't want to like this as I'm not a fan of Lauren from the way she was portrayed on TOWIE but I must say I really, really like it! It gives a fantastic colour in seconds, applies easily & looks natural, I applied mine using a mitt & had no hand staining!.... My only gripe is you need to wash it off before bed otherwise you'll wake up with greeny/orange stains on your sheets from where it has rubbed off in the night. I've also only wore it with dark clothing so can't say if it rubs off on your clothing throughout the Day/Evening.

It does look quite scary when you first pump it out, as it is VERY dark but once you start to blend it out, it gives a lovely even colour & transformed me from Casper to Bronzed Godess! For instant colour in a hurry this is one of the best on the market.Providing Beautiful believable colour, also Odourless which is a bonus - No one likes to smell of biscuits on a night out do they?! It is safe to say Im now a convert to Laurens Way! It is £11.95 for 250ml quite a good price as it should last you a while.

What's your Favourite Fake Tan?

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