Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Beauty at your fingertips!

I've never actually owned any Jessica polishes but have had them applied in Nail salons, the quality is brilliant and really long lasting. I had a quick peek on the GI website and ended up on for over an hour and now have a wishlist the length of my arm! 

Gerrard international is an online store giving you great brands and flawless, professional finish Make-up you can pick up products from brands like Jessica nails which are used in many beauty salons you can also pick up the great natural mineral foundation range from Mii 

Have you tried either brand? 



  1. I've never owned anything from Jessica, this polish is gorgeous and the application looks great and really creamy. Makes me want to get my bank card out and purchase some x

    1. Ha,ha! I've always been happy after I've had my manicure x


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