Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Garnier's Micellar Cleansing Water...

The latest addition of Micellar water to join the party is from Garnier and I've got to say, I think its my favourite!  I'm guessing you've all heard of micellar waters - Bioderma being the first to appear and took the whole beauty community into a firenze especially as it wasn't readily available here in the UK...  

I'd not heard anything about the release of Garnier's Micellar Cleansing water until I popped into my local Boots and spotted the 400ml bottle for only £4.99 (I was actually attracted to the pink lid on the bottle, if I'm being really honest)...... But as I had my Husband (Warden) with me , so I resisted - Well for at least 5 minutes until we went into Superdrug and I saw it had 1/3 off so was under £3.00!- Bargain!!.. I had to have it then, so grabbed one and ran to the till.

It works brilliantly! I just been soak a cotton pad with it and swipe it across my face - concentrating on my eye area to remove my eyeliner and mascara. It just melts away any make up in a matter of seconds and is exteremely gentle on the skin. It has no scent and caused no stinging when I got in my eye. I felt soothed and fresh looking after using it. It also advises you should get 200 uses from the bottle, which is really good value!... Great for using before cleansing at night or just to wipe away your (dribble and) cream residue from the night before.

Have you joined the craze yet, which is your favourite? 


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