Sunday, 27 July 2014

Sunday Scents - Stella Summer by Stella McCartney.

Today's fragrance is Stella Summer 2013 which succeeds last year's edition Stella Summer Rose, it enchanted us with beautiful illustrations of misty rose flowers and a fresh composition with flowers and fruit. Without many changes in the ingredients, the new edition, Stella Summer 2013 in a stunning and bold bottle offers luminous and cold notes of frozen lemon combined with foamy aromas of green apple. The heart develops aromas of rose surrounded with peony, resting on a warm, comfortable amber base. I love this scent even though it is rose based it doesn't smell old ladyish.. It has a fresh citrus scent to bring it into the year 2000, it smells lovely and feminine, I always receive compliments when I wear it or a comment asking what it is, everyone I know loves the scent.  It was limited edition and am unsure to if it is still available to buy, but if not look out for this year's version as they are usually very similar!
Are you a fan of summer scents? 

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