Monday, 17 October 2016

Scrub Love - Mint Temptation.

I love to give my skin a good exfoliation at least once a week and usually buy scrubs in tubes or tubs, but when I was offered to try a dry coffee scrub I was intrigued! Rub coffee all over your body to exfoliate?! ....It is amazing! My skin felt tingly, cool and super soft. The minty coffee scent definitely woke me up.. Not very good at nine o'clock at night! This is definitely one for waking you up in the morning... The next day my skin felt even softer and this continued for several days after.

With it's perfect blend of organic ingredients and a mint kick will leave anyone tempted.. Tea tree mixed with amazing argan oil will cool and moisturize. While more than a hint of mint will stimulate circulation with this organic scrub - leaving you polished to perfection.

Ground coffee is nature's finest exfoliator. It’ll buff away dead skins cells without damaging the delicate new skin underneath. A high caffeine content in our fresh grinds stimulates circulation, to promote healing in problem areas.

Peppermint oil - Naturally anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and pore cleansing leads you to a clearer complexion and minty freshness.

Tea Tree oil - You didn’t know your skin needed this, but we did. It’s antiseptic properties make it great for healing and softening, plus it helps soothe tired muscles.

Dead sea salts are Full of minerals, magnesium and potassium, it’s the best salt to scrub and rub on your skin to stimulate and relax deep into the tissue.

Argan Oil - The reputation precedes this not-so-secret celebrity favourite. High in fatty acids and vitamin E, it’s easily absorbed into your skin to moisturize and combat dark spots - leaving your soft and glowing!

Aloe Vera Is Famous world round for it’s anti-septic cooling and healing properties. It’s also packed with vitamins A, B, C & E and Beta Carotene which give it anti-aging properties as it nourishes your skin.

I am super impressed, I now include this in my weekly pamper session.. I can't wait to try the other fragrances.

Available in Mint, Original and coconut, you can pick them up from Scrub Love for £12.95

Which fragrance will you try?

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