Friday, 9 November 2012

No More...Bags Galore........ Favourite Concealers

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection  rrp £4.19

Lasting Perfection concealer is one of Collection 2000's most popular products, available in just four shades Fair, Light, Medium, Deep, it's simple and straight to the point, a full strength, full coverage concealer.
The applicator is a sponge tipped wand, it's easy to clean and collects the right amount of product for one application - you only need to use a little of the concealer to conceal dark circles and blemishes because it's so blend-able. The formula is quite thick and creamy but blends out nicely and evenly - it's easy to work with and works well under or over foundation.I can say, hands down, this is the longest wear concealer I've ever used. I apply it in the morning and it doesn't budge all day, I sometimes need to touch up blemishes if they're really bad but my under eye circles are concealed all day long. I'm really impressed with the longevity!

Rimmel Match Perfection  rrp £5.99

 Rimmel claim that this product is a 'skin tone adapting concealer' it is also a 2 in 1 product that concealers and highlights at the same time. For me I wouldn't personally use this on blemishes because you don't really want to highlight those but it is perfect for under the eye. 
Now the colour range for this is pretty poor, there's only 3 shades which means if you're not pale to medium skin tone there won't be a shade for you which is such a shame. 
For me the shade Ivory is a pretty great shade for me, I find that it really brightens under my eyes whilst still covering any blue tones or dark circles. It doesn't give full coverage but is great for everyday when you don't need full coverage because it feels so light on the skin.

Bourjois Healthy Mix  rrp £7.00

This healthy mix formula contains apricot for radiance, raspberry for micro-circulation and melon for hydration. Lovely! This concealer is meant to smooth away dark circles and imperfections, giving you a more rested look. It is also meant to let your skin breathe with its oil-free formula.
This concealer is only available in three colours; eclat clair, eclat medium and eclat fonce. 
The healthy mix formula gives the concealer a nice smell. I applied this product underneath my eye, putting a small amount on my finger and then dabbing a few blobs underneath. I then used my finger to blend the concealer into my skin. The formula is smooth and blended easily and you really don't need much of the product to cover the problem area, a little goes a long way. This product has lasted me a long time

Benefit Erase Paste  rrp £19.50

The instructions on the box direct that it should be applied with the spatula included but I have to say it is a silly invention and I wouldn't waste your time. It creates large dints in the product and picks up way more than is needed. Instead, I dab my finger lightly on the surface and then apply it in dots under my eyes, mainly concentrating on the inner corners. 
The first thing I noticed upon application was the salmon toned colour and creamy consistency. there is an evident salmon tone to this product which is known to cancel out dark circles. As for the texture, it is amazingly smooth and blends into the skin like a dream. As well as being very creamy, it is relatively thick meaning the tiniest bit goes a long way. I didn't find that it caked under my eyes, but I imagine it could if too much was applied, much like any product. It didn't settle into any fine lines and it instantly made my under eye area look brighter. it takes away most of the darkness from under my eye and looks very natural. It only comes in two shades light & Medium. The only slight criticism I would give this product is that I find it needs to be set with a powder or it begins to look oily and shiny. This wasn't a huge issue for me though as I always set my foundation with a powder anyway.

These are all currently in my make up collection & are used on a regular basis, i like them all individually depending on how much concealing i need when i look in the mirror to do my make up!

What's your favourite concealer?


  1. I actually bought ELF concealer and tried it once or twice. It worked well but I don't wear foundation much. Given the pitiful amount of sleep I've had over the last few nights, I may need to rethink this lol. Thanks for joining the Aloha Friday blog hop. I'm newly following your blog. Hope you'll come by my way and say hello :).

  2. Hi
    I've tried the ELF one but mine seemed very watery & didnt really cover anything :( but that brand can be hit & miss for me.
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  3. I'm addicted to Bourjois Healthy Mix collection, it's actually my favorite concealer as well but my favorite product from them would be their foundation. It's a must have! great post!

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    1. Hi
      I love Bourjois Healthy mux foundation! I have used it for a while now, it is my everyday foundation :)

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  4. I'm a brand new follower! Love the blog!
    My favourite concealer has to be the collection 2000 one, and I hope they never discontinue it because I will be devastated! ha

    Would love you to follow my blog!

    1. Hi
      Thanks, i know!! it i really good for a drug store brand :)
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