Wednesday, 14 November 2012

Nars Multiple in tuomota

I have always wanted to try a Nars multiple, but decided not to part with my cash as cream blushes & bronzers aren't really for me.
I purchased the Chanel Bronze universal tan de soleil or whatever it is called now! As everyone was raving about it, i was so glad i did as i love it - but that's for another post......
I then saw a Youtube video about this product & it was described as the Travel friendly version of the Chanel tan de dada!! So i had to have it. I started to look for it, but no luck on Nars website, eventually discovered it had been....... Discontinued. I nearly cried!! After lot's of searching I eventually tracked one down on Ebay - brand new :)

It is a bronzing multiple that is matte. I took one look and one swipe and I was sold. This colour is PERFECT for my skin tone, the perfect tan and the perfect contour colour. It is FANTASTIC! It is so natural looking. I am really impressed with this colour. I have no idea why it was discontinued as it is perfect for fain skin tones & the ones they do sell are either too dark or shimmery?

Do you prefer cream or powder Bronzers?


  1. I can never blend creme anything correctly, powder all the way!

  2. I'm the same but this blends like butter, i apply it after my cream foundation before my powder. Very natural looking :)


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