Tuesday, 28 May 2013

Ready for Summer - Hair Removal

Wether you are going abroad on holiday or just hoping for a bit of sun on your lovely limbs.. There are lot's of ways to transform your body from cousin IT to Supermodel! I suffer from PCOS, so am well aware of the pain of hair removal & staying smooth & hair free!, Here are a few ways to keep you smooth for Summer....

Shaving - This involves razors, shaving cream & a steady hand.... this option is probably the quickest & easiest method... I usually shave my legs & underarms with Venus razors. As these are the only ones that don't cut me behind the knees or on my ankles!  But for me shaving doesn't last long, so it's a daily event during summer.

Hair removing Cream- This Involves spreading a depilating cream like  Immac or Nair, over your chosen body part & leaving for 5 minutes to literally melt your hair away. I have used them but don't find that they are all that great &  I always end up shaving.

Epilating - Avoid at all costs! I once tried it on my leg & it bled! it is worse than child birth! It looks like an electric shaver but with loads of little things that pluck out your hairs in clumps... Are your eyes watering yet? -Perfect for torturing someone you don't like..

Threading - This involves using a piece cotton thread to pull out the hairs, giving similar results to waxing as the hairs are pulled out, I've heard it is quite painful & not been brave enough to try, It is Perfect for smaller areas like brows, upper lips & chins etc. 

Waxing - This involves using hot wax & strips to (Rip) pull the hairs from their roots, leaving you hair free for about 3-4 weeks. Perfect for a fortnights holiday, but I'd definatley recommend going to a salon for a large area as it needs to be quick to be pain free! I tend to have this done on my Bikini line or legs, as under the arms is just evil torture in my eyes!

Laser hair removal - This involves a laser hair removal machine, you can get ones to use at home but for safe laser hair removal you should go to a salon as all skin & hair types are different, It works best on pale skin & dark hair, but can be used on all skin & hair types, it is permanent solution, as the laser is used to target areas of unwanted hair. It can be expensive but worth it as hair regrowth is reduced & less noticeable. You have to book a course of 6-8 for it to completely work. I have had it done & was really happy with the results, it is a little painful on your face but it takes seconds to do. The Sk:n clinic have a 30% offer on in May, but are always having promotions throughout the Year, they also have salons Nationwide.

What's your Preferred method?

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  1. I prefer shaving and using Inhibitf xx


    1. I want to try that, your review was really good x


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