Friday, 17 May 2013

Elemis Pro-Collagen Balm

This powerful treatment cleansing balm dissolves make-up and daily grime. Developed first and foremost for its performance in Elemis treatments, this super-cleansing, luxurious treatment balm is expertly formulated with a 100% active base of natural oils grown within the UK. It smells divine & melts away your make up in seconds, leaving behind smooth, clean, happy skin!

Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm* combines precious starflower, elderberry and optimega™ oils with rose and mimosa waxes, and anti-ageing padina pavonica to deeply cleanse, nourish and smooth for a glowing complexion. I really enjoy using this to remove my make up & as a face mask, once I've removed my make up, I simply apply to my face & Leave it on for 10 minutes, then I hold a very warm cleansing cloth over skin. Gently wiping away with the 100% cotton cloth that is provided.

I am really enjoying using balms & creams that have to be washed off with muslim or face cloths as they give a gentle exfoliation at the same time & my skin has improved greatly!
I also love Soap & Glory's Peaches & clean and Liz earle's Cleanse & Polish.

This is available for £ 39.50 which I don't think is too bad as you only need a little bit as it melts into an oil.

What's your preferred method of cleansing?


  1. I have this and find it amazing, it smells divine and dissolves make up clean away. I remove eye make up first though as I tend to find it can sting :)



    1. Hi
      It is great, I do use on my eyes but you do have to be very careful as it defo does sting if you get it in your eye!

  2. I love this balm so much! It leaves my skin glowing. x

    1. It is lovely!
      Have you tried the radiance flash balm? It is really nice x


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