Wednesday, 8 May 2013

Calling all Contact lense Wearers

I've worn Glasses since a young age & started to wear contacts around the age if 16 Yrs for nights out etc... The first pair I wore were the one's you have one pair for 12 months & you had to clean them & store in a pot of sterile water..... I soon got fed up of burning my eye from the solution that hadn't washed off properly! I then discovered Dailies they were the best invention EVER!
All you have to do is pop out of the packaging & put straight into your eye - Simple! 

The latest Contact lenses to hit the market are Ciba Vision they have launched it's long awaited Dailies Total 1 soft daily disposable contact lenses*. Heralded as a new era in contact lenses and perhaps it is. The well establish market leader has been those contact lenses manufactured with silicone hydrogel, and while this material offered superior oxygen transmission than the old silicone contact lenses, it had a low water content. Oxygen passes easily through water and keeps the cornea healthy, the eyes clear and white.

Ciba Vision have taken this low water content silicone hydrogel material and sandwiched it between a front and back layer of water. Boosting the lens to over 80% water contact which as they say launches a "new era".
They have been the comfiest pair of lenses I have worn, I literally forgot I was wearing them, no irritation or drying out, tired feeling! 

If you want to discover great new lenses try Here.

Are you a Glasses or Lenses Girl?

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  1. I wear both but to be honest I am usually too lazy to put contacts lol... I do need some new glasses though xx


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