Thursday, 9 May 2013

Instant Revitalizing Mask Radical Skincare

The Instant Revitalizing Mask is the ideal coach for the skin: it delivers the nutrients necessary for hydration and regeneration while teaching it to breathe, stock up on energy and optimize its oxygen resources. This is the most bizarre face mask I have ever used, I squirted some out & started to apply to my face (it's a gel at first then changed to a shaving foam texture). 

Once I applied I sat on my bed to chill out, after about 30 seconds I jumped up off the bed as my face started fizzing & the mask seemed to be popping!.... I looked in the mirror & the mask was disappearing in front of my eyes... It was the strangest sensation I have ever experienced but it wasn't a horrible feeling, it was slightly cooling & tingly. Once it stopped doing it's thing I was left with a very light dust on my face, which I then rinsed off to be left with Great Smooth skin & a brightened complexion.

The Mask is said to 
Optimise oxygen resources for a lasting youthful glow

Stimulates energy production

Controls oxidation reactions

Smoother Skin
Which I tend to agree with, I really enjoy using this mask which I didnt want to due to the price but A little goes a long way so it will probably last me a good few months.

Rrp £40.00 From Here you will also be able to watch a video on how it works.

Are you a face mask fanatic, What's your Favourite?


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