Friday, 24 May 2013

Dr. Ceuticals Tummy Tone

I have a Mummy Tummy I won't deny it, even though my Daughter is 5 Years old, It's nowhere near perfect. I love a good quick fix. I know.... I know...the only proper & right way to get a perfect body is Healthy eating & regular exercise, but i'll be the first to admit I lack motivation, I am very impatient & I want quick fixes & instant results.... Am I the only one?..
Dr. Ceuticals* claims even with healthy eating and regular exercise a perfectly toned tummy and waistline is difficult to achieve. Formulated with a brown seaweed extract proven to have slimming properties, this highly effective cream acts directly on the causes of retained fat to help reduce the appearance of love handles whilst also helping to reduce the waistline measurement. The perfect tummy fix. Firms & Tightens A proven active ingredient to help tighten skin around the waistline area 28 DaysHelps slim the waistline by up to 18%*Reduces production of fat storing cells by up to 58%^Tones & ContoursFights love handles to promote am more shapely silhouette* The average and mean value was 4.3% tested for 28 days on 17 women, 2 applications a day. Active ingredient tested at same level but in a different medium^ In vitro testing. Please note that Tummy Tone is not proven to offer the same results as Liposuction or any other surgical procedure.

It is a clear gel, that rubs in & leaves my skin feeling moisturised, I've been using for just over a week & so far these are the only things I've noticed? I will keep applying until I can no longer squeeze anymore out & report back with my Size 10 Body.... I wish!
If you want to try it, you can pick it up from Boots for £19.99.

What's your best tip for keeping trim?

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  1. Sounds magic! Too good to be true :) I'll await the results excitedly :)




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