Sunday, 24 March 2013

Parissa Brow Shaper

Eyebrows frame your eyes, your most alluring feature; they instantly widen them and enhance their shape.  With careful shaping they can also take years off.  Far from an expensive habit, keeping your eyebrows in perfect shape is affordable and easy with these nifty Parissa* mini wax strips.

A mess-free, express hair remover that makes eyebrow waxing a breeze. Clear backing and mini size wax strips allows for easy placement of strips for shaping arches or removing small hairs on fingers and toes! Includes vial of Azulene Oil to soothe & soften skin and prevent ingrown hair.
These strips are simple to use & much cheaper than paying at a salon, the strips are super thin making it easy to be precise with each go, the pain is minimal & the oil is a great extra to apply after waxing.

In the kit you get 32 (16x2 sided) Mini strips, 8ml oil & Information Leaflet.

It comes with a great information/instruction leaflet that is very user friendly,
Parissa Mini Wax Strips Eyebrow Design 32ct. Are Perfectly sized for shaping and maintaining eyebrows up to 6 weeks. The oil soothes the area preventing ingrowing hairs & inhibits hair growth.

How do you groom your Eyebrows?


  1. These look and sound helpful. I pluck lol xx

    1. They are so easy to use! Other ones ive used have been to wide & ive waxed too many hairs & mess up my brows! But these are nice & small x

  2. It's nice to have so many handy tips with one of these kits - I'm usually a little lost in the dark!


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