Saturday, 9 March 2013

Etat Pur Micellaire Water

I came across this whilst searching for my beloved Bioderma that had just ran out, I had tried a couple of products from this brand before & really liked them, the price £6.40 for 190ml with free delivery also swayed my decision, i have used for just over a week now & am loving it, it removes all my make up including waterproof mascara in a couple of swipes!

With no need to rinse, Micellar cleansing water:
  1. cleanses and removes make-up from the face and eyes in one wipe
  2. respects the skin's natural balance: does not contain soap
  3. guarantees good ocular tolerance
Perfect for oily/Combination skin.

PRODUCT: Etat Pur packaging is very pure and simple, which I really like. The lid snaps open and shut with ease, perfect for travel, and you can dispense the product onto a cotton pad or ball with no fuss.

The formulation is very fluid and glides across the skin nicely, without stripping it completely. I love this cleanser because you don't have to wash it off - it's every lazy girls dream! This is also a great plus for those with sensitive skin, as it eradicates the risk of irritation.

With the order i also a choice of free samples,

Free Samples with order.

Have you tried any Micellaire Waters?


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