Monday, 11 March 2013

Monday Meet...... #5

Today's Monday Meet is Happyness Magnet

am a 30 year old, blossoming fatshion blogger, lover of life, and all things happy.  I started blogging in 2008 as a way of release, in hope that my story could help someone else.  Little did I know, I would succeed and also find a beautiful curvy, plus size community to join, with arms welcoming me on my journey to accepting myself.

1. When and why did you begin blogging? I started blogging after my daughter Madilyne was murdered as a part of my bereavement process.  It has blossomed so much in the last 4 years, through all of the journeys life has taken, but especially size/self acceptance, which has been one of the biggest hurdles for me.

2. What is the whole ethos of your blog? (What is it about) My blog involves self/size acceptance, anything that involves happiness, book nerd moments, feelings with resolutions, and love! All about the love for everything in this life!

3. What five things can you not live without? Smile (Real one, with teeth showing, not a fake one), Anything in the Maurices plus size section, My family, Sheer Lip Gloss, and comfortable kicks!

4. What is your favourite product & Why? (Make up, fragrance, skin care etc) Hands down, Revlon PhotoReady Face Powder! Smooths out the skin without an residue, and truly makes your skin glow, and not in a bad way!

5. What important lessons have you learnt from being a blogger and what are your favourite types of posts to write and read about? Are you talking to me? Exactly.  I love to read blogs that are written as if I am talking to the person.  I work from home, and there's still a party at my house, but it is nice to really get to know others, on a personal level.  I like to get and to be connected with the writers and my readers.  What have I learned from being a blogger?  No matter the trend or the hype, I will only ever be me.  One blogger thought I was a troll, being I am silly, a little crazy, sometimes sarcastic and extremely happy in text with an overload of smiley faces. :) I am however, not a morning person. 

6.Any last words?  Do you have any coffee? 
Come see me! I want to get to know you! I love new friends, comments, cute puppies, and fabulous clothes! 

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