Friday, 22 March 2013

BioDerma Sèbium Pore Refiner

As you are all aware of my love for BioDerma Micellaire Water, I was very excited to hear that the brand had decided to start trading in the UK making it 100 times easier to get my hands on their products. I have Combination skin with a slightly oily T-Zone which can sometimes be a problem with my Make up staying put!
It says to Apply Sébium Pore Refiner* once or twice a day, on its own or before applying your skincare cream, either on the T zone (chin-nose & forehead) for combination skin, or all over the face for skin with an oily tendency. It is an excellent base to facilitate an even application of make-up as it gives a great matte, velvety finish once applied.
My Make up stayed on & i didn't have a shiny forehead at the end of the day like i usually do.
What BioDerma Say..

 An excess of sebum, stress, smoking, pollution... so many factors are responsible for the dilation and déformation of pores. An expert in cutaneous biology, BIODERMA research has innovated and developed Sébium Pore Refiner.

 This correcting concentrate improves the appearance of the skin: its texture is more refined, more regular and clearer, and the pores are closed and less visible.

 The exclusive patented Fluidactiv® complex maintains the quality of the sebum, thus preventing obstruction of the pores.

 An astringent dermatological active agent refines the skin texture and the antioxidant agents preserve its natural radiance.

 The light, liquid formula of Sébium Pore Refiner instantly melts into the skin and leaves a pleasant velvety finish.

Upto now i am very impressed with this product, It has definately improved the life of my foundations, i look forward to trying more from the BioDerma range now it is easily accessable in the UK!

Have you tried anything from the brand yet?


  1. I'm yet to try anything from this brand x


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