Thursday, 2 May 2013

Wish you were Here.....

Today is a very Emotional day for me. It would of been my Cousin Tim's 30th Birthday, but on 20th Decemember 2011, he was taken away from us in a tragic accident & it broke everyone who knew him's Hearts. He was the most amazing Human being - Kind, Intelligent, Thoughtful, Friendly, I could go on...... He had just become a Dad only 6 Months early to a Beautiful little Girl & was just starting to plan his wedding to his lovely Fiancéé as he had just finished his Masters degree & had just started his new job.........His Life had just begun............He had EVERYTHING to live for......


We all have our special Memories of him & he will forever live on in our hearts & through his Daughter, I just wish I could give him one more Hug, tell him how much I love him & buy him a Pint!!

Happy 30th Birthday Tim!

Love You, Miss You, Never Forgotten.xxxx


  1. God bless him. Happy birthday to him also. I believe that when our loved ones leave us they never go too far. Always alive in our hearts xxxxxx

    1. Thank you Hun, I also believe he's close by, he wouldn't miss his Daughter's first everything!


  2. Bless him and wishing him a Happy Birthday wherever he might be xx

  3. My mum passed away last October 2012 and I feel you. I know how hard it is to lose someone you admire and care for so much, how you wish you could just tell them you love them one more time.

    I miss her everyday, but at the same time she's in a much better and happier place, just like your cousin! Happy birthday to him and cheers indeed! <3

  4. Happy birthday, Tim! Cheers and happiness to wherever you are and to your lovely family.


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