Tuesday, 9 October 2012

Products not worth the Hype

Sorry to have to post a negative post but if you are going to part with your hard earned cash, you should at least have an honest review before you decide to splurge!

Here are a few i have come across - I'm not saying i hate or don't like the product, i just don't think it is worth the money or hype.

Dior Amber Diamonds £30+ - This i think is lovely & great to have in your collection but to be honest you can get the same effect with a much cheaper Highlighter?!.
The packaging is luxurious & the product looks amazing but is it really worth parting with all that money...Accessorize have some great ones as do Sleek & Bourjois.

M.A.C Cosmetics £9.00 - £25+ - This might get me hate mail, but i really do not rate MAC. Yes they are upto the minute & bring out new Collections but they are not that special & are in my opinion over priced.
 I own some of their eyeshadows, bronzers, blushers, lipsticks, concealers, lip glasses & lip creme etc. but i really don't understand the fixation with it? The foundations are all so thick & gloopy like stage make up, I really do think the products are not worth the money (sorry). The high street have such a huge range of products & dupes you could get 12+ MUA eye shadows for just 1 MAC?....

Sigma Brushes £10 - £50+ I own quite a few of these brushes & think they are good brushes - But.... All the ones i have shed & loose hair, im forever plucking little black brush hair off my face & chest that have come out whilst i have been doing my Make Up.
Considering Real Technique brushes cost a fraction of the price, but i would go far as saying they are a better brush, Especially the Buffing brush it does my foundation in seconds.

Jemma Kidd Light as Air Foundation £25 - I really really do not understand why people say this foundation is so good? I think it is rubbish, it goes on streaky, is so difficult to blend & the colours are all yellowy/orangy shades... To say it is £25 the packaging is horrible it leaks and gets all over when you open it. I have tried lots of drugstore foundations from Bourjois, l'oreal & Rimmel that are around £8+ that are so much better & in Glass bottles?! 

Branded Eyelash Curlers - MAC - £14 / Shu Uemura - £20 / Chanel - £21 / Japonesque - £20 - Why would you pay more than £5 for eyelash curlers? They all do the same job - curl lashes... Not sure you will see me part with my pennies for a pair just because they are branded!

Do you agree - Disagree, Do you have a product you think isn't worth the Hype?

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