Monday, 8 October 2012

USA Make Up in the UK?....

I have just discovered a website that sells ;

Wet n Wild Palettes - Comfort Zone $7.99 - Walking on Eggshells $3.99 etc. - I have been lusting after these for a while!!



LA Girl 




That SHIPS internationally, that means to the UK!!!! - hoooray :)

It is called Beauty Joint , The postage is reasonable, but if you have a few friends who want to order just split the postage to make it cheaper? 

*****UPDATE - My Order arrived today in perfect condition, 2 gorgeous palette's i shall have lot's of fun using!!! - Delivery took just over 2 weeks, but i did only pay $5, If you want quicker you can pay more for a faster delivery? - I will definately be ordering from this site again!!*******

I only wish that they would stock Tarte or if Sephora started international shipping! 

Do you know of any other good Websites?

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