Sunday, 28 October 2012

Sleek Blushes - My Collection.

I only discovered the Brand Sleek about 18 months ago, i thought it was just a cheap, run of the mill brand that would come & go, so i didn't take any interest.
I Thought Sleek were designed for darker skin tones, but i now know that if applied lightly they can look fantastic on any skin types.
But then i heard more & more people talking about their blushers, bronzers & eye palettes that my curiosity got the better of me, i went to Super drug & purchased my first blusher ' Rose Gold' .
I now own several blushes, blush palettes & eye palettes.

Rose Gold - A Beautiful Peach/Coral with Gold shimmer.

Pan-Tao - A Vivid Orange

Sunrise - An amazing Red/brown shade with a bronzy gold shimmer.

Suede - A lovely subtle matte Natural Tan Shade

Honour - A Stunning Bronzed Rose Gold shade.

Pomegranate - A gorgeous Plum/burgundy Pink shade With a sheen

These Blushes are highly pigmented, so a very light hand & minimal powder is needed so the 8 grams of  product should last you are a very long time.

There are 10 permanent blushes available,

But Sleek bring out a couple of limited edition collections throughout the year which usually include a Blush, Eye palette & a lip pout.

Are you a sleek fan? What's your favourite product & why?


  1. Rose gold looks so pretty!! I wish I could get my hands on sleek easily, it's such a hassle trying to get it in the states.

    PS found you from the Bloglovetherapy blog hop.

  2. Yes it is one of my faves!
    You can order from there site directly? I'm sure they deliver worldwide?

    Thanks for the follow x

  3. I really want to try a sleek blush. I'll have to go have a look. I found you on the Meet me on the bright side blog hop xx

    1. Hi
      Yes you won't regret it! They are so pigmented so only need a very light hand :)

      Thanks for following, ive followed back



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