Thursday, 11 October 2012

25 Things you don't know about me tag....

As my blog is now 1 month old i thought i would do another fun tag to let you get to know me a little bit more.
Feel free to leave a comment with things about you - it could be your deepest darkest secrets you need to get off your chests or the fact that you like eat gherkins in your best pyjamas!!

Here goes....

  1. I've been engaged twice
  2. I'm a Chocoholic
  3. I Love cooking 
  4. I have lived in 3 houses in my life
  5. I have one older brother
  6. I have polycystic ovarian syndrome - but had my little girl naturally - My little Miracle
  7. I'm obsessed with drawers ( and hiding all my clutter in them!)
  8. I hate the smell of newly mowed Grass 
  9. I love the smell of petrol 
  10. I would eat a Sunday roast Everyday if i could
  11. I've broken both my little toes
  12. I used to be a party animal and be out every night socialising with my friends, dancing & drinking.
  13. These days i much prefer staying in with my little family on the sofa watching TV
  14. I want to be a Kardashian
  15. If i didn't marry my Husband i would of married Robbie Williams (wishful thinking.)
  16. I love Christmas & anything that sparkles
  17. I hate shopping!........especially Christmas shopping.. I do it all online ( i can't stand the pushing & shoving)
  18. I take 2 sugars in my coffee
  19. My biggest pet peeve is people eating with their mouth open - lip smacking..
  20. When i was younger i was obsessed with New Kids On The Block & i wanted to my auntie to name her new born baby Jordan! She didn't he's called Matthew..
  21. I never have the volume on TV's or Stereos on 13 i always change it up or down?
  22. I always salute if i see a magpie & say hello or touch black & blue if i'm with someone else to make our dreams come true.
  23. When i was younger i had a yo-yo for about 2 years, it was a Coca Cola one and i was amazing on it could do all the tricks.. Round the world, walk the dog etc... Then my cousin used it and it hit the ground & smashed i was sooo upset.
  24. I was such a tomboy as a child, climbing trees, jumping in mud, would NEVER wear a dress or skirt without putting up a massive struggle , hated anything pink & girly
  25. I hate Ironing! Urgh why just why...
This was harder than i thought it would be? My mind went blank, i may do a similar one in the future.

I tag you if you want to reply?



  1. Ha if i'm just mooching & not shopping for anything inparticular then i can handle it, stopping for lunch with friends of course!! But i have certain friends who drag me round every shop just to go back to the 1st & buy the 1st item they tried on!,, Aaaarrrgghhh...

    At christmas everyone goes mental! So i just go to the Christmas markets & drink Hot choclate with baileys :D buying all presents online!! Xx


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