Monday, 10 December 2012

Luster Pink Shampoo & Conditioner

My Hair is rubbish! It is very thin & quite dry/damaged due to having PCOS & over dying, Straightening etc. I am always on the look out for a new 'Miracle' product that will turn it from this into a magnificent mane of thick beautiful hair!

I was on Boots website a couple of weeks ago looking at Argan oil products & an intensive conditioner when i noticed Luster Pink in the side bar, so i curiously clicked  as I'd never heard of the brand before.

It was advertised to REVIVE & PROTECT- Vitamin E repairs weak, damaged hair and protects against damage from styling tools and environmental damage.
ProVitamin B5 hydrates and strengthens from inside-out locking in vitamin-rich humectants for all day moisture retention.

As they were only £3.05 each & you get 500ml of product, I thought i would order them & give them a whirl! i have now used them both 3 times & really think i can notice a difference, my hair feels in better condition, less fizzy & a little thicker!
They seem to have quite a large range of products so i am going to try a few more especially the hot oils & intensive conditioners.

Have you tried this brand before?


  1. I wish I could try this...but I haven't seen anything like that here.. :(

    1. They are sold in Boots in UK not ure if they ship internationally? But the luster pink brand have their own website with products which i think you can order? Or have a list of stockists.
      I really like them

  2. My hair is also thin, fine, frizzy - just a nightmare basically! It's so difficult to get the balance right between volume and condition don't you think? I've just ordered some (fairly expensive) haircare from qvc in desparation! These look like really good value so may have to check them out! x

    1. I'm really impressed with them so far, yes it is a pain trying to get the balance :(

  3. Wow, I'd love a shampoo that would make my hair thicker! Thank you for visiting my blog. Perhaps we could follow each other? Following you!

    XO Lulu

  4. Hi hi, I've shared this post with my girlfriends & gonna try it out.

    Oh yes Hun, I'm interested in Co-hosting Blog Hop. Please email me at

    Looking forward to collaborating with you. Ah I can't wait...



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