Monday, 21 January 2013

Favourite Sleek Makeup Palettes

Storm Palette.

Top Row.
First colour: is a coppery bronze that is high shine metallic.
Second colour: is a gold toned white.
Third colour: is a light brown matte Nude
Fourth colour: is a true gold that's super metallic.
Fifth colour: is a pink that had a slightly crumbly texture. 
Sixth colour: is a semi metallic burgundy/maroon. A lovely deep shade.

Bottom Row.
First colour:  is a red toned dark bronze brown.
Second colour: is a grey toned blue.
Third colour: is a metallic forest green.
Fourth colour: is a beautiful metallic purple toned navy blue.
Fifth colour: is a nice, grey  brown.
Sixth colour: is a matte black.

Au Natural.

Top Row.
Nougat:  A Matte White.
Nubuck:  A Matte light greyish shade 
Cappuccino:  A Matte light beige shade 
Honeycomb:  A Matte yellowy beige shade
Toast:  A Matte Light Orangey shade 
Taupe: A shimmery golden beige shade 

Bottom Row.
Conker:  A reddish brown with golden shimmer its stunning Highly pigmented shade
Moss:  A Shimmery khaki green with golden undertones
Bark:  A Matte taupe brown shade
Mineral Earth:  A Shimmery Dark Brown this has golden undertones
Regal:  A Matte brown with purple undertones great pigmentation.
Noir:  A true Matte Black shade

Oh So Special.
Top Row
Bow is a matte cream. 
Organza is a beautiful peachy, pink shade with gold shimmer.
Ribbon is a matte warm peachy pink. 
Pamper is a matte pale peachy pink, kind of chalky. 
Gateau is a violet-pink with gold shimmer. 
The Mail is a matte light brown.


Bottom Row
Gift Basket is a shimmering bronze. 
Glitz is a gunmetal shimmer.
Celebrate is a plum-black base with plum shimmer. 
Box is a matte dark brown. 
Wrapped Up is a matte dark plum. 
Noir is a deep matte black.

All these palettes have amazing pigmentation & are such great value for money at just £7.99 for 12 shades which i think are as good as Urban Decay & MAC but a fraction of the cost!

Are you a Sleek Makeup fan?


  1. I've been meaning to get a sleek palette for ages but still haven't, your review is great. I really love the last palette the most, xoxo.

  2. Au natural and oh so special are on my wish list. Such gorgeous colours. x

  3. I love the first palette - such gorgeous colours!


  4. I'm SO tempted by more of these Sleek palettes, they're such good quality!
    Pixie x


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