Thursday, 24 January 2013

Aromatherapy Gold AromaSqueezeme

 I love Aromatherapy oils & scents for changing my mood, So when i saw Aromatherapy Gold give a shout out on Twitter for Bloggers to review some of their products i jumped at it! 
I received AromaSqueezeme™* they may help relieve the increasing levels of stress that modern life can bring. Everyone needs an AromaSqueezeMe™ to help get through tough days! These are lovely therapeutic sensory products. 

They arrived the next day well packaged, two little  round tins. Inside i found an orange dough & a purple dough both in little zip lock bags to keep them fresh, Very intriguing i opened them up & was welcomed with a lovely scent.
As it was mid morning i had a play with the energising one & it really helped brighten my mood! There is something quite relaxing with them when i was squashing it, maybe it was because it reminded me of being a child? 
Then in the evening whilst watching TV or YouTube Vids or Blogging i just roll in my hand & squeeze & they really helped to  relax me & i have slept like a baby since i have been using it! - Bonus!

The essential oils seems to soak into your hands, so the scent stays with you even after you have put them away.

Based on the old children’s favourite, it’s a silky smooth dough enriched with grapeseed oil and organic essential oils. Help relieve tension with the aromatic Lavender and Bergamot based Stress Release dough.
Try the focusing, invigorating qualities of the Grapefruit and Geranium based Energising dough.  Just open the tin, inhale and squeeeeeeze!

Each one costs £4.75 from  Here or you can buy both for £8.75 Here

They also sell an Aromatherapy Play Dough Tub for children for £14.99 Which i think is pretty cool it contains 
Brainy ! a sunshine yellow dough containing organic Grapefruit and Lemon essential oils to help improve concentration and focus.

Happy ! a fire engine red dough containing organic Mandarin and Lime essential oils to help uplift and banish grumpiness.

Harmony ! a juicy orange coloured dough containing organic Sweet Orange essential oil to help restore balance.

Sleepy ! a beautiful sky blue dough containing organic Lavender essential oil, to help with quiet, restful play and encourage peaceful sleep.

Sneezy ! a grass green dough containing organic Eucalyptus and Tea Tree essential oils to help with wheezes and sneezes.

I bet my 4 Year old would love this! Or maybe even the big kid in you?! :)

Are you an aromatherapy fan? 

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