Thursday, 8 August 2013

Revlon Lash Potion by Grow Luscious Mascara

At the start of the week I was browsing Superdrug' Website, looking for new releases when I came across this mascara! I didn't even know we were getting it over in the UK?? & to add to my surprise they were on a 2 for £10 offer instead of £9.99 each!. I ran *drove* to snap them up for research purposes of course... (definitely not the pretty packaging!) I have never been drawn to Revlon for Mascara, I own more L'Oreal or Maybelline I'm not too sure why that is really?

They are advertised as Spellbinding Volume. Supernatural Length. Magically transform lashes to lush, long and lustrous. A potion with strengthening proteins drenches lashes for volume. Triple-groove wand combs through for clump-free length.

I got mine in Black Waterproof & Black/Brown, I have used them 2-3 times since I got them and so far I am enjoying using them! 

Texture and consistency:  This formula is not too dry and not too wet, It's a thicker formula, but it clings to the lashes easily. It is pretty clump-free, Once this mascara has dried, it is not brittle or crispy, it stays very soft and pliable after it has set. 

Brush: Because the bristles are dense but spaced far apart from each other, this allows you to easily coat your lashes. I like this brush a lot, because it feels like you're getting product on all sides of your lashes with very minimal effort. 

Application: The formula is just the right consistency and because of the brush as described above, I find application very easy. 

Staying power: It lasted pretty well, I've not tried my waterproof one just yet but this one went on & lasted a good 8hrs? I did notice a little flaking but nothing drastic.

Removal: Considering that this mascara stays quite soft and pliable on the lashes even after it dries, removal was extremely easy. I am able to remove this mascara quickly and easily with my usual nightly face cleanser.

FINAL VERDICT: Adorable packaging, Great brush, easy application, decent volume, I love the consistency and colour pay off - Very Black! I'm also satisfied with the level of volume this gives my lashes (not dramatic, but good enough for daytime wear). I'm looking forward to trying the Waterproof to see if the longevity is better & hopefully no flaking! If like me your not a fan of flaking then I'd just go straight for the waterproof version.

What's your favourite Mascara?


  1. Ooh, I was thinking of trying this one out after seeing that 2 for £10 offer! x

  2. I love this mascara!


  3. I've heard really good things about this mascara! I'll have to try it! I'm glad that I found your blog and I look forward to more posts from you :)
    I love your blog and have followed. Check out mine and follow back if you like it :)

    1. i want this for the packaging alone! add im it sounds like its an amazing mascara is just a bonus!

  4. I hadnt realised this was out in the UK either, might have to try it at that price xx

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  5. I really want to get this but I recently bout lancomes hypnose doll eyes mascara and I love that but I'm kind of kicking myself now that ill have to use it up first before I get this! X


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