Saturday, 3 August 2013

Mary Kay Translucent Loose Powder - Nars Dupe?!

A powder for all skin tones. This translucent powder* is perfect for that additional step in setting your look. Also great for that on-the-go freshen up you look moment. This translucent powder not only eliminates the need to match your shade, but is sheer and invisible on fair to dark skin tones. It helps cast away lighting and shine on your face along with diminishing fine lines and wrinkles & keeping my face Shine free from oil. Can I say PERFECT?!

Like most translucent powders, this appears white, but it quickly settles into a sheer, invisible powder. It has microparticles of shimmer that diffuse light, giving you a matte but not flat finish. Its light-scattering properties also result in a brighter complexion and minimizes the appearance of pores, lending a soft focus effect.

The top has pre cut holes for the powder to come through, but unlike other brands I've used, this one allows you to twist & close to keep the powder in, which means you don't waste half the product when you take off the lid Woo Hoo!!
This powder really reminds me of the Nars reflecting powder but at £18.00 for 18g compared with Nars priced at a whopping £25.00 for 0.24oz (6g!) you definitley get more for your money.

What's your favourite setting powder?


  1. I love this powder, but I've never used the NARS one, but now that I think of the two I can see how the MK one is similar. I'll still stick with the MK version though, as it it's so much more affordable!

  2. I'm just like Bailey- I love the MK powder, but haven't tried the Nars one! It's really nice to know that its a dupe though!


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