Thursday, 25 June 2015

Clarins Fix' make up refreshing mist

I've been loving using this Clarins mist to set and refresh my make up these last few weeks we've had a bit of sun! It makes everything look finished and fresh all day!
It's a refreshing mist that can set your make-up and prolongs its hold, while providing you with a feeling of instant freshness and well-being. Also provides continuous hydration and comfort. It's main ingredients are - Rose cohobat: helps softens - Grapefruit: helps brightens - Silica Microspheres: helps controls shine.
Best way to apply - Especially recommended for use throughout the day, in the dehydrating atmosphere of air-conditioned offices. In a hot climate, it's perfect to spritz straight from the fridge.
You can pick it up now for £23 for 30ml, you only need a light spritz so the bottle should last a good few months if not longer.
How do you prefer to set your make up? 

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