Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Soak Yourself - Love Soak Bath Ritual Kit!

SOAK Yourself™ bath ritual recipe kit* contains all you need (including permission) to take a long, guilt-free soak in your bath. Based around a 5ml bottled blend of sandalwood, frankincense, patchouli and cedar organic essential oils, you'll also discover a muslin bag of loveliness containing silk and spice fizzing and foaming bath powders, salts and oils, providing a long-lasting bubbly wonder which is gorgeously kind to your skin. 

Each box also comes with a patchouli and vetiver soap, candle (select your choice of candle in the drop down box above), lovers blend massage oil, chocolate flake teabags to enjoy a delicious cup of tea each while you SOAK, and full instructions.

This is such a fantastic Gift Idea for your Partner, Friend or Family Member they come in all different styles from calming, relaxing to Love! Just pick the best one to suit! Or to Treat Yourself....

Each product has a cute little card explaining what it is, It gives the box an extra special feel, like you've really put thought into it.

Sachets of Chocolate Flake Tea, to drink in the bath... Mmmmmm

I love baths & this Gift set is perfect for me, to give myself a little 'Me' time to relax& pamper myself, I just need to convince the Hubby to give me a massage & I'm happy! 

They are £40.00 from www.soakyourself.co.uk & each box provides 4-5 Baths, which I think is a really good deal.

Are you a Bath or a Shower person?

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  1. I looooove having a bath and I am loving these kits xx



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