Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Lashfibres- Instant lash extension

Lashfibres create the ultimate in long eye lashes! The brush-on fibres instantly give incredible length and amazing volume you have never seen before. Lashfibres are easily applied inbetween two layers of your favourite mascara. The brush-on fibres create an immediate false lashes effect when binding to your own lashes.

The Fibres Work with any mascara, Latest lash fibre technology allows you to use your own mascara to enhance the effect and add real length. Lashfibres* can be used to achieve a variety of looks adding incredible length to your eye lashes.

Easy 3 Step application
For glamorous, captivating lashes just follow these three simple steps:
Step 1: Apply your own mascara as usual.
Step 2: Apply Lashfibres onto your lashes using the same technique as if you were applying mascara, but look downwards. The fibres bind to the base coat of mascara.
Step 3: Wait 30 seconds, then apply a second coat of your mascara.
These made my Eyelashes look really full & longer in length, I had to experiment with a few different Mascaras as you need a slighty 'wetter' mascara to give you time to apply the fibres, to enable them to stick to something, As I wear Glasses these were very easy for me to use instead of trying to apply false lashes!.
They were easy to remove, I just used some Bioderma on a cotton pad & it just wiped away with my Mascara -Perfect!.
Available online & in Superdrug for £9.95
Have you tried brush on lashes? 

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  1. I really want to try this and see if it works for me xx



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