Monday, 6 January 2014

Laura Mercier Home and Away Portfolio

This is a travel makeup case measuring 11.5 in x 9 in.  The hard outer shell unzips all the way around to reveal two magnetic covers.  On the first "page" there are two pouches of the same size that stick to the front cover.  With all of these mesh pouches, you can pull them out and use them as makeup bags alone.  The two on the back cover are different sizes and the other is a skinnier pouch suitable for pencil products.  The entire case is made of plastic which makes it really easy to wipe down with a baby wipe before and after each use.

The case also comes with two empty Laura Mercier palettes a six-pan and a three-pan.  I've never tried a Laura Mercier colour in my life, but these would be helpful if you'd already amassed a collection.  The mirrors inside these are large and take up the entire lid of the palette.  I've shown them here with a couple of my travel essentials.

Good makeup storage makes me want to make better use of my makeup.  I've never found something I liked for travelling -- if it had a hard shell, there weren't enough compartments and my products would knock into each other.  If it was a soft case, it wasn't protected from my other belongings in my carry-on.  Here, I'm not concerned that any of my products will explode and get all over my clothes, I don't think any of my glass bottles will break or even that my brushes will be crushed.  I'm officially a happy camper.

It really is a great addition to my collection at a cost of £65 it is quite expensive (especially as you get no actual products with it) but I knew I would get lot's of use out of it, if fact I love it that much I picked up it's little sister in the Christmas sales from House of Fraser it should of been £69 as it included 2 duo eyeshadows, blush, mini eyeliner and a lip gloss, but I managed to get it for £48.00 it is worth over £160!!.....  It is still available HERE!!  If you would like to treat yourself?!..... I can now use it for my skin care and extra make up when I go away - Perfect! 

What's your ideal travel make up bag?

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