Monday, 20 October 2014

Surprise.................. I'm Pregnant!!

Are you surprised? Because we are! Totally & utterly gob smacked to be honest... Over seven years ago I was told I wouldn't be able to conceive a baby naturally after years of being poked & prodded, having test after test and other intruding examinations due to having PCOS.... I gave up and started to plan our wedding for May 2008 as we had our date for IVF confirmed for August 2008, But a miracle happened and we got our beautiful daughter in April 2008 - just three weeks before our wedding... I believe your mind plays a massive part over your body, especially when trying for a baby.

After six years and no more babies at 35 we'd both mentally accepted, that we were just going to have the one child, which we were happy with as she is just PERFECT!!... We had decided to book Florida in late 2012 and started to plan it, but due to me having to have an operation on my back for a ruptured disc in early 2013 we postponed it, this year my Brother got married this May in Sicily, once we'd been we decided that 2015 was the year we went to Florida... We began planning looking at accommodation, flights, parks, places we wanted to go and visit, we found a beautiful villa and booked it.... Soon after the flights were booked... It was happening in May 2015, we were all extremely excited!! 

I'd decided to go to see my Dr as I'd been having some twinges and pains, thinking I had an enlarged cyst, I was sent to the hospital for a routine scan, but instead of finding a cyst I was told it was in fact a 16wk baby..... Out of the room walked a very, very, very shocked Jane .. Yes you got it! We had done it again..I had Completely thrown my mind, body & soul into something and my ovaries decided to pop out an egg and turn it into a little bundle of joy!!

I've been to the midwife and Consultant at the hospital ... everything is great.. Baby is due on 8th March.. So if on time S/He will be just 10weeks old when we go to Florida! We are all ecstatic if still not a little shocked! Baby is going to be a karate expert as it is regularly giving me kicks and punches to remind me that it in there :) I am now 21wks +3 and have my 20 wk scan this week. We have decided not to find out the sex as we've waited this long for a baby we can wait another 19wks and really loved the surprise with our first as EVERYONE including us thought she would be a boy! 

Never Ever give up on your dreams! Your time will come when you least expect it! Xxx


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