Friday, 31 October 2014

Real Techniques - Nic's Pick's.

Real Techniques brushes have quickly taken over my whole brush collection, I no longer reach for any other brands as I love how they apply make up and how soft they feel, making applying my make up a breeze!! This collection of Nic's favourite brushes, including 3 exclusives. Nic's Picks is an essential for every collection and is the sequel to Sam's picks the quality is the same the only difference is these brushes have a sexy chrome handle instead of brightly coloured. Nic's Picks Collection includes 5 brushes with limited edition designs:

- Real Techniques Duo-Fiber Powder Brush
Gently picks up powder pigments and softly buffs it into the skin. Product will be picked up and distributed evenly over the face allowing you to control the amount applied.

- Real Techniques Base Shadow Brush
One of Nic's all-time favourite brushes. Flat enough to pack on the colour with, but firm enough to blend with. Also great for buffing over concealer.

- Real Techniques Cheek Brush (exclusively available in this collection)
Has denser bristles to enable you to build colour. Imagine an expert face brush but softer and rounder. The tapered finish means you can use this for bronzer and highlighter application also.

- Real Techniques Angled Shadow Brush (exclusively available in this collection)
Designed to fit in the crease of the eye to add depth. The soft angle also makes applying shadow under the eyebrow arch simple.

- Real Techniques Eyeliner Brush (exclusively available in this collection)
Softly angled, this is the perfect brush to apply shadow to the lashline and for creating a blown out liner look with eye shadow. Use with gel liner to create a feline flick which is made easy by the angle of the brush.

Each brush does it's job perfectly, with ease, grabbing just the right amout of product and leaving my make up looking flawless, as with all RT brushes I use the brushes for different tasks not just using it for what it says in the description and they don't disappoint! If your stuck for Christmas gift ideas.. Any girl would love to unwrap these on Christmas morning or If you wish to simply treat yourself! 

They retail for around £29.99 which I think is great for five brushes!

What's your favourite RT Brush?

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