Friday, 3 October 2014

Braun FACE

PCOS is the bane of my life! Not only does it make it extra hard to lose the weight it has piled on me.. Or the fact I was told it could make me infertile - but I won that battle though! Ha 1-0 to me!... It has also kindly given me facial hair.... Which of course makes me feel super sexy & confident!.. Yeah exactly said by No women EVER!!.. I have tried waxing- painful, tweezers - time consuming and finally IPL - Expensive, painful.... But did feel like a miracle.. If only for a few months!... but due to my hair being a result of my stupid hormones it always returns with a vengence, so I have been looking for a more manageable solution to make me hair-free and feel happy again! 

When I read about This NEW 2 in 1 mini facial epilator I was super excited as it sounded just what I was looking for not only does it QUICKLY remove the hair it also delivers pore-deep cleansing and high-precision facial epilation, whether you want to go make-up-free or create the perfect canvas. It’s the perfect tool to help you achieve luminous, smoother and brighter skin –all at the flick of a switch. 

When I first used it I'll openly admit I was slightly nervous as I'd heard the horror stories of how painful epilation is... I gritted my teeth and switched it on.. I couldn't believe it... the pain was minimal, but an area that with my trusty tweezers usually took a good 10 minutes was completely smooth in seconds! - Hallelujah I could of cried!! I had completely finished removing hair and the peach fuzz in less than five minutes... I can't praise this little stick of magic enough, for someone like me who has lived with PCOS and the embarrasing facial hair since my late teens it's a total life changer for only £69.99.

Here's a close up, it does look rather scary but honestly it hardly hurts at all, its been over a week now since I first used it and my face is still hair free, I've not had chance to use the brush that is included as I usually use my Clarasonic, but it looks really good and the bristles are lovely and soft so a definite added  bonus for this epilator. Available now to buy.

What hair removal method do you prefer?

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