Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Clarins Ombre Matte in Grey Sparkle.

A new cream-to-powder texture that offers the comfort and smoothing effect of a cream with the fine quality and hold of a powder. Silky and lightweight, these eyeshadows are comfortable and easy to apply. A smoothing, mattifying and long-lasting formula that glides over the eyelid and blends evenly into the skin upon application. 
A perfect base for a Gorgeous smokey eye for a night out or sorry here goes.. A stunning Christmas look! The shadow blends beautifully over the eye lid and stops eye shadow creasing throughout the day/night. I love this shade it really makes my blue eyes pop.. I imagine it would work great with all eye colours alone or as a base, the Ombre Matte range comes in 6 or more shades which are more matte if that's your thing, but I love a bit of sparkle for a night out.

They retail for around £19.00 from most department or online beauty stores.

Have you tried them Yet?

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