Monday, 18 July 2016


A fab new device that could take the strain out of exercises undertaken by millions of women after they give birth. Innovo is designed to be strapped to your upper thighs, this £249 gadget is a discreet way of giving a workout to your pelvic floor muscles – the cause of a little talked-about and embarrassing problem which affects more than five million British women!

The Innovo – developed by Irish firm Atlantic Therapeutics – comprises straps inside special shorts that house conductive pads which are secured around your upper thighs. These are connected to a small controller which can be worn around your neck to allow more movement, it delivers a mild electric impulse to the nerves that run down the front of your leg and branch up into your abdomen. This causes the pelvic floor – a sheet of muscles that supports the bladder and urethra – to contract 180 times during a 30-minute session, strengthening the muscles to improve your symptoms.

I have been testing Innovo for the past 12 weeks as I'd recently become a new mum fir the second time and thought I'd give it a whirl, as I'd been rather lax with my pelvic floor exercises!. The whole set up is extremely easy and straight forward... But the first couple of uses were quite fiddily, the pads are extremely sticky and stuck to everything they touched, but once I'd got them into position, I could sit and watch TV, read a book or cook my evening meal for thirty minutes, the sensation is a bit like mild pins and needles - not painful in the slightest and has to be built up, as I thought I'd be clever and ramp it up on my first go and nearly fell over! Ha lesson learnt! It's extremely easy to control and as the timer is on a cord you can pop it around you neck and forget about it, so much better than doing a million manuel pelvic floors! - who has time for that?!..I started to notice improvement around my 3rd-4th week of using Innovo 4-5 times a week, after the full 12 weeks I was impressed with the results.

A great little gadget, a little pricey but in my opinion it is worth it as the benefits and outcome will change some people's lives, no more embarrassing situations and giving you your before child body back. I can now sneeze with the knowledge I no longer have to cross my legs!! 

If you'd like an Innovo of your very own you can pick one up from www.Restore the for £249 or 6 instalments of £41.50.

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