Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Beauty Haul 2013

I thought I'd show you what i bought over the Weekend....

It is mainly Hair Care but there are a few make up items in the mix!

I decided to try the Lee Stafford Poker straight flat iron spray to see if it improves the condition of my hair whilst straightening it

I wanted a new moisturising shampoo & conditioner so decided to try the new Elvive Smooth & Polish it was only £1.89 for the huge bottles, i also got the 60 Second intensive conditioner in this range but forgot to take a photo, i also received DGJ Organics Berutti oil, which makes my hair feel lovely & smells divine! Then i got Twist bands in Maria from the BirchBox shop as i had £10 in reward points - Bonus :)

I saw Revlon Nearly naked foundation in Superdrug on offer for £5.99 review Here so decided to try it, i also picked up a Bobbi Brown Corrector inPorcelain bisque, i already have it in Bisque but needed a lighter shade, i picked up MUA Matte Perfection in Superdrug on offer for £3.99 & i thought I'd try the L'Oreal visible renew toner.

Finally the most Cutest lip glosses i have Ever seen! I bought these about 3 weeks ago from Ebay as they are not sold in the UK, they cost me £3.29 each, they are Tony Moly Petite gloss bars in no 5 & 6. They are very fruity & moisturising.

What have been your latest purchases?


  1. You picked up some great things. I am using that shampoo and conditioner at the moment and really liking it. x

  2. I seriously love the Tony Moly gloss sticks, i have one and it's the cutest thing ever! x

    1. They are Adorable. Smell Amazing & really moisturise x


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