Wednesday, 20 February 2013

Bags of Gorgeousness!

I had to do a quick post to introduce my gorgeous new purchases!, i have been looking for a new make up case for a while but nothing was big enough for all my products until now......
First we have the Ted Baker Leda Large wash bag in Bright Pink with a nude pink bow detail & rose gold metal work, this little beaut did set me back £29.00 but i fell in love with it & the rest is history...It's mine!

Then i spotted the Ted Baker Natasha Pencil case which i thought would be perfect for my brushes when i'm travelling so snapped it up, this one was £19.00 & is the exact same in detail - Perfection!
They also have a smaller wash bag for £25.00 but for an extra £4.00 it is definately  worth it as you can fit so much into it!

Are you as obsessed with pink as me?       


  1. Hello! following your blog through the blog hop it's lovely :) the bags are gorgeous I love the neon colour xx

  2. I was trying to work out where I'd seen this before then remembered that Louise from Sprinkle of Glitter did a video about this bag, its so lovely. Its good to have a make up bag that can wipe clean aswell, mine always ends up covered in eyeliner or bronzer within a few days and the washing machine never fixes it lol.xx

    1. I know! It was her video i saw it & immediayely went to Ted baker online & bought it, then i spotted the pencil case perfect for my brushes!

  3. ah this is gorgeous! Well worth the pricetag if you ask me!



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