Monday, 25 February 2013

Monday Meet...... #3

For the third Monday Meet.... It's Beth from All Things Beautiful..

Hi! I am from England with a huge interest in writing, in makeup and in beauty products. I can't wait to get started with my blog and I hope you all enjoy my posts!

1. When and why did you begin blogging?
I published my first post in April 2011. I was just 14 and I had been watching makeup videos on YouTube and reading makeup blogs for a couple of years. In the April holidays I set up my blog for a bit of fun and to see where it would take me.

2. What is the whole ethos of your blog? 

I like to show that it is possible for anyone to create amazing eye makeup and to share my knowledge on new beauty products. More recently I am also sharing more personal aspects of my life- it’s quite scary!

3. What five things can you not live without?
I will take this question to mean material objects rather than deep things like ‘love’ and ‘family’.
  • Violin- I could not live without playing the violin. Enough said!
  • Laptop- I think this is a given as a blogger- I spend most of my time on it.
  • Phone- obviously.
  • iPod- It's my camera, diary, calendar, music, email etc.
  • Mascara

4. What is your favourite product & Why? (Make up, fragrance, skin care etc)

You can’t make me choose one! Right now it has to be Liz Earle Signature Foundation.

5. What important lessons have you learnt from being a blogger and what are your favourite types of posts to write and read about?
I have learnt that even when people hide behind a computer screen, they don’t have to be mean. My favourite posts to write are actually probably reviews. I love to read personal posts- I’m quite nosy!

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